5 (Early) Shopping Tips for a Happier Holiday

Time flies as we are now entering the last quarter of 2016! This means we are now embarking on the most generous and wonderful time of the year, Christmas!

christmas tradition philippines

The Philippines is probably the only country that celebrates the festive season the earliest and the longest!  

Once ‘BER months start, people are already starting to decorate the streets with such colorful and wonderful sparkling lights and lanterns. Moreover, they are on the look out for promos, sale items, and reasonable deals everywhere!


Having said that, we experience more congested roads, malls, or places people go to, to get their Christmas presents. To add, we love the “last minute” rush, so we add to the burden instead of having a happier holiday. Luckily, that could be prevented by following these 5 early shopping tips for everyone!


5. Price check and budget accordingly

One crucial way to save every year is to budget accordingly. This is how businesses stay on track, they budget all possible expenses for the year. So, to avoid overspending, do a price check on items you wish to give that you can already pay off as early as September.


At least, if you need to buy an item at the last minute, you don’t need to spend more as you’ve already allocated a budget for everything.

4. Know when to let go 

I know it’s hard to stay on track, especially if you’ve been waiting for that special gift to go on sale, but you need to control yourself. You need to know when to let go so you won’t ruin your holiday. If you really cannot afford to buy gifts this holiday, don’t be shy, because you are not alone! LOL.


Seriously, though, the more money you save this year, the more funds you could use in case you want to go to an out-of-town/country trip next year.

3. Shop with friends 

I would often shop alone. However, my being indecisive doesn’t help and as a result, I end up buying the wrong stuff – either it’s a wrong size or doesn’t fit the receiver’s personality. So, I encourage you to shop with your friends! In fact, as mentioned in the article by cbsnews.com, our friends fall into two categories: accomplices and friends. Hence, shop with someone smarter and a better haggler than you!

2. Buy online

Ahh, the power of technology! Thank you as we can now skip the horrendous traffic in the Metro by buying online! As we become a web-centric nation, everything is basically, a touch, a swipe, or a click away!

Another nifty benefit of buying online is supporting our fellow Filipino small business owners. Not only do you save time and money, you also get to help them flourish as an entrepreneur.

There are heaps of ways  where to purchase online. You can give travel deals as a gift like what www.cashcashpinoy.com offers. In addition, you can also purchase makeup, clothes, bags, and more are up for grabs online!

Otherwise, familiarize yourself with different road constructions and traffic updates should you choose to go to an actual store or mall.

1. Make a list 

Often used as a solution but hardly practiced.


Whether you are naughty or nice, always play Santa Claus on Holidays – make a list of things to buy, people to give it to, and places to go. It’s not a nice gesture to forget someone, so make a list as early as now to avoid Christmas gift disasters! This way, you can ensure a worry-free and happier holiday!

Christmas can be a stressful season both for giver and receiver, so hopefully these early shopping tips will help you enjoy happier Holidays!

Did I miss anything? Share your best practices in the comment section below!