5 Best Things About CHVRCHES Live in Manila as Told by Super Fans

Chvrches Live in Manila

After the Chvrches Live in Manila show, I rounded up some big fans of the band to ask them one simple question: What, for you, was the best moment of the night? And here are their answers. Because, frankly, who better to describe the show than the people who make the show?

But before that, here are a few snaps of front acts DJ Joey Santos, Brisom, and Autotelic:

Chvrches Live in Manila Chvrches Live in Manila Chvrches Live in Manila Chvrches Live in Manila


The question: “What, for you, was the best moment of the night?”

1. “The best part of the show was when they sang Tether and The Mother We Share. Not only are those two of my favorites, but it was also when the crowd was dancing and singing along word per word. The energy was so high and exhilarating.” ­­–Courtney S.

The dancing. The jumping. The head banging and fist pumping. The scream-your-heart-out singing, beer-spilling-everywhere kind. I was at the back. I witnessed it all, and it was glorious.

Chvrches Live in Manila Chvrches Live in Manila

2. “I loved when the band played Recover and everyone was singing. Lauren looked so happy. And during Tether when she asked the crowd to sing along ‘since you guys seem good at it,’ she said. And Martin constantly facing the mic to the crowd, letting us sing choruses, with a big smile on his face. And when he took a selfie with the crowd! Everybody was literally elbow-to-elbow, but when Martin took out his phone, there was suddenly a big space in front of me because so many people squeezed forward trying to get in on the shot!” –Lulu D.

I was one of those people who tried to get in on the shot. Kidding. (Or am I?)

Chvrches Live in Manila Chvrches Live in Manila

3. “My favorite was when Chvrches went back to sing three more songs when the crowd shouted for more. I loved that part because it only goes to show how much they value the people who appreciate their music.” –Zarah

Filipino crowd chanting “WE, WANT, MORE. WE, WANT, MORE.” in seemingly practiced unison. Classic.

Chvrches Live in Manila Chvrches Live in Manila

4. “My favorite part of the show was when they played the song Gun because it’s the most played track in my iTunes right now. I love how strong the message of the song is and hearing it live made me love it even more.” –Paolo T., winner of When In Manila’s Chvrches Live in Manila ticket giveaway

As Lauren Mayberry sings in Gun: “Did it make you feel so clever? Did you wear it on your sleeve? Did you see another picture where I was not a part so far entwined? There is no other way never run far. Take a good swing at me and everything is even. So finally, we agree, no place for promises here. You better run, you better run.”

I feel you, bro.

Chvrches Live in Manila Chvrches Live in Manila

5. “I loved Lauren’s realization that ‘huhuhu’ is not an offensive Filipino netizen term. Also, I got super kilig when I made a three-finger Mockingjay salute to Iain before they played Dead Air, and he saluted me back! I loved how the fans were just dancing and singing and screaming like wild. I’ve been told that we were a much livelier crowd compared to their Singapore concert. And the trio was just so amazingly good and passionate. They gave us such a great show. Worth the three-hour wait!” –Sierra B.

Lauren likes staying connected with her fans via social media. At the Chvrches Live in Manila show, she shared that when they announced they were stopping by the Philippines, they kept getting “huhuhu” comments from Filipinos. “What’s that? We don’t have that word from where we’re from.” She laughs. But she adds that they’re glad, now that they’re here. Because basing from the wonderful feedback they are getting, she realized that “huhuhu” is not a bad thing at all. So adorbs.

Dead Air, on the other hand, is Chvrches’ contribution to The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 soundtrack, which they talked about the previous day at their press conference. Read about When In Manila’s chat with the band here: Chvrches Live in Manila Presscon: On Social Media, Song Writing, and Working with Lorde on the Mockingjay Soundtrack.

Chvrches Live in ManilaChvrches Live in Manila

Hundreds of fans. Several hours of waiting. Three Scottish artists. Two hours of dancing, singing, and electropop goodness. All equating to one unforgettable night in forever vibrant Manila.


5 Best Things About CHVRCHES Live in Manila as Told by Super Fans

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