4 Ways ‘Who Peep?’ Proved That Upeepz is Ready for Worlds

4 Ways ‘Who Peep?’ Proved That Upeepz is Ready for Worlds


The chance to watch a dance concert comes around quite often now when in Manila, especially now that it’s almost time for the World Hip Hop Dance Championships in Las Vegas in August. It’s always a pleasure witnessing Filipino talent, especially in dance, because of the passion of our homegrown teams and the undying support of their dance fans and fellow dancers. One of our Megacrew contenders for this year’s Worlds is Upeepz, and their dance concert ‘Who Peep?’ was definitely no exception.

Upeepz Who Peep

Established in 2011, Upeepz was once just a group of college students brought together by their mutual love for dance. After that, they started competing in local competitions and now, for the first time ever, they’re representing the country on the World stage.

Are they ready for Vegas?  I think everyone at SM North Edsa Skydome last July 12, would agree that their concert proved exactly how strong this team is.

4 Ways ‘Who Peep?’ Proved That Upeepz is Ready for Worlds


1. It featured the diverse dancers of Upeepz.

The concert began with an explosive opening number that showed exactly how diverse their dancers are! In a single performance, they covered numerous dance styles: LA style hiphop, girly swag, breakdance, vogue, lyrical and power. Being able to present different styles in a routine shows how skilled and versatile dancers can be. Plus, it leaves no room for monotony.

 Upeepz Who Peep

Upeepz is composed of dancers from different groups with different backgrounds (there are waackers, bboys, krumpers, even folk and ballet dancers and so many more!) Put them all together and they form a very strong team!

 2. The community showed their support.

‘Who Peep?’ wasn’t actually only about Upeepz! In fact, they featured so many guest performers from various dance backgrounds. This really showed how many different groups support Upeepz on their road to Vegas.

 Upeepz Who Peep
Nocturnal Dance Company 


University teams, the Company of Ateneo Dancers, UP Filipiniana and the La Salle Dance Company- Street, fellow international-level dance groups, INDK, Tha Project and Nocturnal Dance Company, the fun, fierce and feisty dance team, El GB Team (hello guys in heels!), local celebrity Young JV, and the pioneers of Philippine hip hop, the Philippine All Stars, all showed their support for Upeepz on the same stage.

Upeepz Who Peep
EL GB Team


3. They debuted their incredible routine.

The highlight of the concert, of course, was the premiere of their Megacrew piece, which is what they’ll be bringing to the World stage. Although I can’t divulge too much info on this (you’ll have wait until August for the actually competition), I can definitely say that their routine had everyone in Skydome up off of their seats in excitement! The choreography was intricate and well-put together. It had just the right highlights, and a strong and clean execution to boot! This is really a breakthrough for the team, and with a masterpiece like this, I don’t doubt that they’ll make a name for themselves in Vegas.

Upeepz Who Peep


4. They showed their hearts.

Even just as part of the audience, I could tell that Upeepz isn’t just a dance crew, but also a fun and happy barkada! Watching their behind the scenes videos, their dynamic off and on stage, and even when they do their battle cry: “Who peep? Upeep!”, it’s obvious that this team is built on friendship before anything else. 

 Upeepz Who Peep


Their energy and enthusiasm while performing, and the way their poured their hearts on stage, proves that they have, not just the skill and strength, but more importantly the passion and love for dance that will take them far.


Photos by: Joaqui Silvestre





Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UPeepz 

Support Upeepz and other teams competing in the World Hip Hop Dance Championships in Las Vegas on August 5-10.


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4 Ways ‘Who Peep?’ Proved That Upeepz is Ready for Worlds


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