4 Things That Can Help Gilas Win Over China

With only hours left before the FIBA finals match, many are at the edge of their seat as the powerhouse Gilas Pilipinas finally goes head to head with the unbeaten China team for the golden ticket to the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

But the Philippine team can’t just head in without a strong strategy, they’ll need everything they’ve learned from the previous eight games to overcome the towering Chinese team. Going back on their previous plays, here’s four things that can help Gilas gain the advantage over China:

1. Fast breaks, fast breaks, fast breaks

If you watched the Gilas vs Japan match yesterday, you’ll know how fast breaks can give Gilas an advantage over China.

phil-leb FIBA

Photo from: gmanetwork.com

The third quarter match yesterday was full of fast breaks by Gilas, and it was these fast breaks that pulled Philippines away from Japan. If Gilas can pull the same thing against China, they’ll have a strong chance of winning.

2. Early game advantage

Just like their match against the Lebanese team, a strong early game by Gilas can increase their chances of securing the win.

FIBA 2015 1

Photo from: Peter Baltazar and Mike Romero

Gilas’ early game lead made it extremely hard for Lebanon to catch up late game, when players are running on empty. If Gilas can secure a strong lead early game and hold on to it, it would make it hard for China to catch up on late game.

3. Watch out for the defense

According to reports, China has a very strong defensive play, making it hard to break through for a score. If Gilas can find a way to break an opening to their strong defense, then China loses its advantage, this will make  it easier for Gilas to bag the win.

FIBA 2015

Photo from: gmanetwork.com

4. More ball possessions, less turnovers

One reason Gilas lost against Palestine in the FIBA opening match is their numerous turnovers. If Gilas can hold on to the ball and limit their turnovers, they increase their chance of scoring points while giving China a hard time gaining possession.

There you have it! These are just some strategies that our team can definitely use to win over China in the final game later. What other advice can you give to Gilas? We’d love to here your comments below!