4 Solid Reasons Why You Should Support PETA’s KLIP Program

KLIP stands for Kapon/Ligation Immediately, Please. In contribution to population control, KLIP is PETA’s movement of saving indigent dogs and cats in Metro Manila by having these animals neutered and spayed.

On May 31, 2018, PETA Asia hosted an event at Spektral Beer Lounge called “Pints for Pups: A Craft Beer Tasting Event” where the profits would fund surgeries for dogs and cats in need. Basically, the more you drank that night, the more animals you could help!

Here are my main takeaways that convinced me to drink a number of glasses that I cannot even remember in order to help our furry friends.

4 Solid Reasons Why You Should Support PETA’s KLIP Program

4. Sterilizing animals helps them live longer and healthier lives.

It had been mentioned by Ashley Fruno (Director of Animal Assistance Programs) that sterilized animals become less aggressive after surgery, thus preventing them from picking fights with other animals.

Another benefit of sterilization is that it also prevents them from developing infections and serious illnesses such as mammary and testicular cancer. Sterilizing your pet involves neutering (the removal of testicles for male animals) and spaying (removal of ovaries and uterus).

Ashley Fruno, Director of Animal Assistance Programs

3. Not only did we help these animals; we made their owners happy, too.

Spaying/neutering pets can cost about about 1,000 to 2,000 pesos and not just anyone who lives in a marginalized area can easily spare that amount for their pet’s surgery. Hence, this movement is targeted to help pet owners who live in impoverished areas such as Sarhento Mariano Cemetery where a lot of dogs and cats tend to become strays as they continue to breed.

2. The population of neglected animals will be minimized.

Spaying and neutering also helps prevent unplanned pregnancies from happening and as we think ahead, it is more responsible to save puppies and kittens as early as now from growing up in an unhealthy environment and from the absence of a family that could take them in.

For animal lovers, it also saves us the pain from watching these innocent animals undergo euthanasia, another common solution to overpopulation among animals.

1. Diseases from animals will be impeded from being transmitted to humans.

Stray dogs and cats who don’t have the privilege to receive proper care and hygiene can harbor diseases that can be dangerous to humans when transferred, such as rabies, fungal infections, scabies, and leptospirosis. Sterilizing them will highly increase their chances in warding off these diseases.

If you were unable to attend Pints for Pups, make sure you watch out for more of PETA’s future events!



You may also support this program by making a donation here.


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