4 Aeta Grandmothers study in India, Now Back as Solar Engineers

Inquirer.net posted a story of four Aeta grandmothers who went 4,800 kilometers away from home last September to study for free in India. Now, they are back in the country, settled in their villages, as solar engineers.

Aeta Grandmothers Study Abroad Solar Engineers(Photo credit: Inquirer.net)

The four amazing grandmothers who took such a leap of faith to learn flew back home last Monday via Cathay Pacific. They were Evelyn Clemente (49 years old), Sharon Flores (40 years old), Cita Diaz (40 years old), and Magda Salvador (42 years old).

According to Flores, she and her companions never felt lost during their study abroad despite barriers such as language difference and even if it was the first time the four of them went far away from their homes in Zambales and Tarlac. She mentioned  that people were kind wherever they went.

According to Inquirer.net:

A solar engineer sets up systems, including photovoltaic (“photon,” or light, and “voltage”) panels, to capture the sun’s heat and light and convert these into electrical or thermal energy for practical use. This is known as “green engineering.”

The four had free training at Barefoot College in Rajasthan, India with the assistance of the Indian government and the non-government organizations Diwata Women in Resource Development Inc., Land Rover Club-Philippines, and the Philippine Mine Safety and Environment Association.

This is a strong proof that it’s never to late to start something new and innovative. Now, these impressive lolas can begin applying what they’ve learned and commence with lighting up their home villages.

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