3 Tipid Hacks Perfect for After the Holidays

Holiday spending is something a little too familiar for us Filipinos. We are all guilty for having splurged a little (or maybe too much)  to buy presents and treat the family and ourselves during the holiday season. This is also why we know the story of the 13th month pay that has gone with the wind. Now, we have the aftermath.

While some of our friends are trying to recover from the holiday calories, there are the rest of us trying to recover from the holiday expenses. Fret not, tightening our belts while recovering from the holidays does not have to be too hard. Just follow these easy tipid hacks:

3. Water up!

drinking water

Exchange the calories from sodas and juices for something a little healthier. It is very tempting to quench your thirst with something fizzy but switch up the sugar with H2O. This will not just save you more money, but surely your body will thank you for it. Put to good use your cute tumblers from coffee shops and use them to bring water along with you.


2. Plan a budget

How To Save Money As A Student 4

Saving wouldn’t hurt. Go ahead and plan your budget for the week or maybe two weeks. There are many apps available online that you can download which will help you manage your expenses. Plan your budget ahead and avoid unnecessary and surprise spends by following your plan. Try bringing the money you’re expecting to use and just a little more for emergencies.


1. Be thrifty with P50!

For only P50 Pesos, you can have a delicious and satisfying meal with KFC Super Savers! Take your pick every day with these tipid but finger lickin’ good snacks! The Original Recipe Nuggets are coated in Original Recipe breading paired with KFC’s signature gravy for a crunchy and flavorful snack. The Chicken Hotdog is a hotdog sandwich topped with honey mustard dressing, grated cheese, and ketchup. Lastly, the Creamy Pasta is a pasta dish generously mixed with white sauce, ground chicken, mushroom slices, and grated cheese.

See, recovering from the holiday expenses doesn’t have to be bad. Head on over to KFC and try the KFC Super Savers!


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