3 Things to Love About Chloe and Davis Bags

3 Things to Love About Chloe and Davis Bags 


If you are a person who goes cray cray about bags, specifically clutch bags, then Chloe and Davis is the perfect store for you! I am personally not a fan of bags. When I was younger, I could go for a year with just 2 bags that I could switch once in a while. The way I saw it, as long as they were functional (even if they are not really fashionable), then they were good bags.

Well, now is a different story, especially now that I have Chloe and Davis in my life. 🙂 


chloe-and-davis-clutch-bags-when-in-manila (18)


3 Things to Love About Chloe and Davis


3. Printed Clutch Bags (BEST SELLER)

The best selling printed clutches of Chloe and Davis have made both men and women (me included, of course!) excited. This is definitely the design you should get if you are the “fun” and “happy” type. 


Chloe and Davis Printed ClutchChloe and Davis Printed Clutch Designs 


Available in 12 rocking designs, the printed clutch can be used for informal parties or even daily, if you are the type who doesn’t bring a lot of things inside a bag. Who wouldn’t want a fun clutch that still maintains a classy feel, eh?


chloe-and-davis-clutch-bags-when-in-manila (13)Watercolor printed clutch at Php 750.00 / $ 17.00

chloe-and-davis-clutch-bags-when-in-manila (6)Watercolor printed clutch — 8″ height x 12″ width (with 2″ base)


As for me, my favorite is the Watercolor Printed Clutch, which I love to use to give life to my getups when I wear plain outfits. Made of polyester, the printed clutch will last a long time, will hold itself in shape, and will not wrinkle. 


chloe-and-davis-clutch-bags-when-in-manila (14)me with my watercolor print clutch from Chloe and Davis


2. Sling Bags 

The sling bags, on the other hand, can be used for everyday errands. Made of synthetic snake leather, the sling bag gives a casual and classy look when worn. It is available in blue, red, tan and black. The straps are adjustable and the bag has an outside pocket with magnetic closure. Compared to the printed clutch, the sling bag has more compartments to separate your essentials.


chloe-and-davis-clutch-bags-when-in-manila (9)Franseza Tan Sling Bag at Php 700.00 / $ 16.00

chloe-and-davis-clutch-bags-when-in-manila (8)Franseza Tan Sling Bag — 9″ height x 9″ width (with 2″ base), 44-46″ adjustable sling strap 

chloe-and-davis-clutch-bags-when-in-manila (17)Me with my Franseza Tan Sling Bag from Chloe and Davis


1. Croc Leather Clutch Bags

Of course, my favorite among the three would be Chloe and Davis’ very own Croc Leather Clutch.


Chloe and Davis 2Croc leather clutch with 8 colors to choose from


“Simple is always beautiful and classy is always sexy” — That is how I see this croc leather clutch. Simple because of the plain colors and classy with the texture. The Charlotte Croc Leather clutch is made of synthetic crocodile leather.

If you’re the type who loves prints over plains, then you can complete your look with this type of bag – perfect for formal occasions where you will need to look classy and pretty 🙂 


chloe-and-davis-clutch-bags-when-in-manila (3)Charlotte Croc Clutch in Cream at Php 950.00 / $ 19.00

chloe-and-davis-clutch-bags-when-in-manila (1)Charlotte Croc Clutch in Cream — 8″ height x 12″ width (with 2″ base) 

chloe-and-davis-clutch-bags-when-in-manila (2)with my very own Charlotte Croc Clutch in Cream from Chloe and Davis


Aside from the three bags I’ve mentioned, Chloe and Davis also has classic clutches that are made of synthetic leather priced at Php 850.00 or $ 20.00. All bags are proudly Filipino made with good quality, of course, and they all come with a dust bag upon purchase, as well. It’s never too late to start collecting classy bags. Start with simple clutches and be sure to check out the ones from Chloe and Davis. 🙂





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