3 Things to Do in La Trinidad, Benguet

Let’s talk about my hometown, La Trinidad. If you don’t have any idea where La Trinidad is, it’s a town just beside Baguio City.

It takes around a three-minute car ride (if there’s no traffic) to reach the highway boundary from the city center. La Trinidad is just one of the beautiful municipalities within the Cordillera Region.

La Trinidad is the country’s main supplier of strawberries. In 2004, it has won the Guinness title for the World’s Largest Strawberry shortcake. Aside from strawberries, it is also known for its vegetable and flower plantations.

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Here are 3 activities you can do if you plan to visit La Trinidad:

3. Explore the Taoist temples in Bell Church

Bell ChurchStairs leading to the temple

Just beside the welcome arc to La Trinidad is the entrance to Bell Church. It’s easy to spot because of the lion statues, dragon, statues, and refined Chinese architecture which can be seen from the highway.

Bell ChurchIntricate architecture of the Bell Church

Aside from the Taoist temple, there are also mini ponds, gardens, and statues inside the compound. We were lucky when we went there because there were students practicing a dragon dance so we had the chance to watch them for a while.

The gates open from 7 AM- 12NN and 1:30PM-5PM.

2. Harvest strawberries at the Strawberry Farm

What’s the point of visiting the strawberry fields of the Philippines if you miss the chance to see the actual plants? At the strawberry farm, you won’t only be given the chance to see them, you can also harvest them yourself. Strawberry picking season is from November to May. Prices vary, but it is generally twice the market price if you want to pick your own strawberries.

Strawberry Farm, La TrinidadLettuce and broccoli at the Strawberry Farm. (It was not yet planting season for strawberries when we went in July)

Picking your own strawberries is so much fun especially for kids. It makes you appreciate food more and understand the efforts of farmers better. Don’t miss strawberry ice cream and strawberry taho while you’re there!

SunflowerSunflower on the farm

The farm is 6 kilometers away from the center of Baguio City. From Baguio, you can take any jeepney bound for Buyagan or Tomay. The waiting areas for La Trinidad-bound jeepneys are located below the Baguio City Hall and in Baguio Centermall. Ask the driver to drop you at the BSU last gate. The entrance to the strawberry farm is just across BSU last gate.

strawberry icecreamStrawberry ice cream for Php 25

1. Visit the Bahong Flower Farm

Bahong Flower FarmFlower plantations in Bahong

Aside from strawberries, La Trinidad is also a home to hectares of flower plantations, including the Bahong Flower Farm which is dubbed as the “Rose Capital of the Philippines”. If you are a flower enthusiast like me, you shouldn’t miss this place; everywhere you look is eye candy.



The place is filled with seemingly unending flower terraces; some are planted inside greenhouses while others are in open spaces. Just ask permission from the farmers if you want to enter the greenhouses. There are different kinds of flowers; mostly roses, chrysanthemums, and anthuriums. There are also potted flowers which you can buy.

The most convenient way to visit the flower farm is through a cab if you don’t have a car. We walked from the highway because I didn’t do my research before going there. I was born and raised in La Trinidad but it was my first time to go there (a classic example of dayuhan sa sariling bayan).

We walked for around 45 minutes from the highway to reach the farm. I actually wasn’t sure if we reached the main farm already because a resident told us there were still farms in the lowest part of the barangay.
Anyway, I didn’t regret walking because there are flowers along the way. Plus, the skyline was stunning. It was a bright day so we could see the mountain ranges surrounding the valley. So if you’re up for an adventure, go ahead and walk. I have to warn you though, my thighs got sore the next daystill worth it.

The bell church, the strawberry farm, and the flower farm are just three of the many things you can enjoy in La Trinidad.
It is a valley surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges so you surely can’t run out of adventures to explore!

Have you been to La Trinidad as well? Tell us your recommendations!