3 Things I Learned about Watercoloring

Article by Christian Viñas / Photos and Graphics by Verna Sevilla

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Ayeza Mallari, a self-taught artist, conducted a watercolor portrait and galaxy painting class on the 25th of November at Blacksoup Cafe in Quezon City. Enthusiasm for painting in watercolor has never been more grounded. From moving light-filled entries to lavishly shaded straightforward darks, and from falling wet washes to staccato dry brush impacts, watercolors can create an impact that no other medium can coordinate.

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Some people in the community even use watercolors to relieve themselves from everyday stress. Still others use the art to revive themselves and release their emotions through art.

3 Things I Learned about Watercoloring

3.Visualization is important.

It takes time for a watercolor painting to be done. You can’t force it. Everything should be done at the right time because when it comes to painting using watercolor, even the slightest stain can ruin the whole artwork. So, before you start brushing and applying color to the canvas, you need to visualize the outcome of your desired painting before starting.


2. Mistakes are part of the process.

A stain on your canvas may ruin the whole project, but don’t be discouraged and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Since its watercolor, you only have to use the ‘lifting technique’ to ‘erase’ the mistake you’ve made. Lifting can be done using tissue, salt, or a damp brush.

Dab your preferred lifting tool over the wet area to erase the paint.

When dry, re-wet the area and do the same. Mistakes can usually ruin a person’s perspective of a thing, but in this case, it can be easily solved with an amount of patience and, of course, water!


1. Have fun.

When it comes to making galaxy-toned colors, you might be afraid or overwhelmed to use various types of colors. Don’t let this become a setback, though. Instead, try experimenting with different blends of colors when doing your work. What’s important is your self-satisfaction with your final masterpiece.


Watercolor isn’t just about using different techniques, but about understanding the whole concept of it and relating it our lives as an individual. By getting to know more about Ayeza Mallari through her workshop, we learned how to become a better painter.

Ayeza Mallari

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