3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy/Watch Pirated Movies

Piracy is stealing. Stealing is a crime.

In the wise, wise words of Derek “Pulis ako” Ramsey: “Piracy is stealing, stealing is a crime.” Piracy is not only bad, it is against the law! RA 8293 or the Intellectual Property Code imposes not only fines but also jail time to offenders!

Buying pirated movies ruins the film industry

Since piracy is stealing, catering to pirated products equates to enriching these thieves who profit from other people’s work. This means less profit and less returns to the original filmmakers. Buying pirated movies rob people of the credit for their work and in effect this practice discourages filmmaking. The saddest part: it is usually those up and coming directors who need more support and funding who are affected.


Masasayang ang mga kamatis

Given all this and in an effort to educate the public on piracy, the most epic commercial ever was made:

And so, let’s all work to save the kamatis!

But all jokes aside, ladies and gentlemen, always remember that movie piracy is bad. The next time you think about buying that pirated movie, think about the consequences.

What do you think about this?