#PiracyInfomercialFail: Kamatis Girl, Watchu Doing?

We are all for infomercials. After all, they are great ways to educate people on important matters at hand in a quick and somewhat entertaining or fun manner. We particularly love DOTC’s latest infomercial, for example, which you can watch here: Cute Video About Road Rage

However, there are times when infomercials try too hard to be entertaining that the lose the true essence of their messages. One of these, as R. Virata points out, is the infomercial where Derek Ramsay catches some dude taking a video of the movie “English, Please” in the cinemas. Basically, the dude runs out of the cinemas and Derek Ramsay and his partner go on a wild goose chase to catch him, even knocking over a woman in a process… a woman who seems to be walking home after buying tomatoes at the market… while, uhm, wearing a mini skirt… and carrying the tomatoes in her hands instead of in a bag…? Watch that particular part of it over and over again here:

That part definitely doesn’t make much sense. As such, Mr. Virata has written a short note to those involved in the infomercial. He says:
Motion Picture Anti Film Piracy Council (MPAFPC) and
Motion Picture Association (MPA),

 Wala pong bumibili ng maraming kamatis sa palengke at hahawakan lang pauwi. Normally, nilalagay po namin sa plastic o bayong. [Nobody buys a lot of tomatoes at the market and just carries them home in their hands on the way home. Normally, we put them in a bag of some sort.]

 Halos isang taon ko na po napapanood si ate sa mga sinehan at hindi ko pa rin maintindihan kung bakit ganito. May isip din po kaming mga manunuod. At alam namin mamalemgke. [For almost a year now, I have been watching this woman in the cinemas and I still don’t understand why this was done. The audience has brains, too. And we know how buying groceries works.]

 Hindi naman kailangan ng drama at kung ano anong pakulo para maunawaan naming PIRACY is a crime. [There is no need for drama like that to understand that PIRACY is a crime.] 

Pakiayos naman po ang mga susunod na infomercials na ipapalabas ninyo. Salamat. [Please fix your infomercials in the future. Thank you.] 
Isang concerned citizen. [One concerned citizen.]

Do you agree with R. Virata or do you like the current infomercials that we see in the cinemas? What kind of infomercials would you show if you could?

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