3 Reasons Why You Should Be Writing Historical Fiction

Article by Andre Barbarona and Trisha So / Graphics by Trisha So

Perhaps it has crossed your mind to write historical fiction while reading your favorite Harry Potter book or while jamming out to Hamilton: The American Musical. You might think it is quite odd to want to venture into the mindset of ancient characters and locations that may no longer exist, but something seems to be pulling onto your wits. Why should you bother? Well, while there are many other interesting genres of fiction writing that require much less work, that’s exactly why you should be writing historical fiction.

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Writing Historical Fiction

3. There is a lot of learning involved.

When it comes to historical fiction writing, you must adjust to history; hence, you are constrained to what history has to offer. However, when you are constrained, you can also find unconventional ways to break free and find an effective way to tell a good story. After all, nothing teaches storytelling and story structure better than history itself since this is where the rules of story stem from.

2. You will bear the fruits of hard labor.

Historical fiction is said to be one of the hardest genres of literature to execute. So, when you do just that, you can shock your readers, properly develop your characters, and experience fulfillment unlike any other.

Once you have mastered taking historical elements and shaping them into your story, you can be certain that your creative juices will be used efficiently. After that, there is not much else needed to contribute to a writer’s utter joy and satisfaction.

1. You will find newfound appreciation for the art.

You may have slept in some of your History classes back in school because everything that was being taught was just so boring. Once you start writing historical fiction, though, you will bury yourself in piles of memoirs. It may not have really occurred to you, but all of the people found in books are real people. That could be you someday as you describe your settings exactly how you envisioned them to be.

Despite how difficult historical fiction writing may become, it is worth taking the shot primarily because you may learn many lessons, feel great contentment, and find appreciation for things you may already know.

Writing in this genre is a great challenge, but with that challenge comes the room and chance to grow. You will definitely find that writing historical fiction will be well worth your time and effort, and we hope to see your work soon.

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