3 Reasons Why White Sneakers are a Must-Have According to a Celebrity Stylist

In this present world of fancy Instagram ootds and countless (and I mean countless) online clothing shops, stepping up your fashion game can get a tad overwhelming. Especially if you’re quite like me, who quite doesn’t speak fashion.
I have a pretty laid back style when it comes to clothing. The wash and wear type. On most days you’ll just see me in jeans–pants or shorts–and whatever *cute* top I’ve pulled from my closet. And for my footwear? Sneakers. My gosh, I love love LOVE sneakers. White sneakers, most especially.

Appetite Shoes white sneakers Nicole Villaluz

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I must admit my clothing style is factored heavily by my everyday lifestyle. Commutes around the city, work calls and errands here and there, casual dinner outs and drinks with friends. You can’t expect me rushing around in heels, right? And forget about sandals, too. I’d like to keep my feet dust-free in this quite dusty city, thank you.

And so, to justify my love for the classic white sneaks, I spoke to celebrity stylist Sky Gavin (who I can attest is also a purveyor of the white sneakers) and asked her: Why do you think a pair of white sneakers is something everyone should in their wardrobe?

Here is what she has to say:

Appetite Shoes white sneakers Nicole Villaluz

It can easily be matched with any outfit.

And we mean, any outfit. You think the sneakers are just for sporty wear? Or for the classic denim? Think again. It’s amazing how versatile white sneakers are. Even if you’re wearing something more feminine, perhaps a skirt or dress, matching it up with a pair of white sneakers instantly crosses you from ~*demure*~ to that cool girl.

It’s the perfect neutralizer for prints, too. If you’re going for bright colors or something in prints, or the opposite and going for all black or monotones, I still can’t think of a better partner for the feet than the classic white sneaks.

Appetite Shoes white sneakers Nicole Villaluz

It can be worn in any of our seasons.

Whether it’s the summer, the months of monsoon, or that perfect season in between the two that is November to February, the white sneakers is always season-appropriate.

“If you don’t fancy flipflops in the summer, white sneaks are a perfect alternative,” Sky shared. Guys and girls can partner it up with tropical tank tops and board shorts, and you’ll still look beach ready. During the monsoon season, closed white sneakers will also keep your feet dry whilst staying stylish. (If you don’t mind it getting a bit dirty, but you can always give it a nice clean after!)

Appetite Shoes white sneakers Nicole Villaluz

It will never go out of style.

Never. Just take a uick look at all your favorite celebrities’ Instagram feeds, or your favorite fashionistas. They have all, in one way or another, sported a pair of white sneakers. So not only is it appropriate for all our tropical Philippine seasons, it is also timeless. It’s quite universal, too. Even Hollywood celebrities sport these.

The white sneakers is a true classic, and will probably stay in style forever.

Appetite Shoes white sneakers Nicole Villaluz

Convinced and ready to get your first pair of trusty white sneakers? I got mine from Appetite Shoes. I wear it all the time, so I guess that speaks for the quality and how comfy I think the shoes are. Aside from the classic plain white sneaks, I also own this Yeezy-inspired sneaks, also from Appetite Shoes. (I am in love with it.)

Appetite Shoes white sneakers Nicole Villaluz

Go check out their pages for more stylish sneakers perfect for everyday wear. You’ll love them, I am sure.

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