3 Moments that Just Call for a Chocolate Doughnut

Article by Glenniedel Terania and Jas Nepomuceno

Yes, Taylor, we do, too! But do you know what’s better? A combination of two of the best things in life: doughnut and chocolate!

Seriously, who could resist these dreamy treats? We can totally relate if you just find yourself reaching for these sweet doughnuts, because we do too! So to help you justify your sweet cravings, we’ve come up with three excuses to treat yourself to a good chocolate doughnut.

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Here are three moments that call for a chocolate doughnut:

3. When you’re down and low

We all cannot avoid getting stressed out nowadays. Whether you’re a student or already working, it’s just part of the deal. But you know how people say that chocolate makes you happy? Well, we won’t go into detail but it’s got something to do with chemical reaction. What’s important is, now, when you’re feeling down, you can grab Krispy Kreme’s Double Chocolate Cake Doughnut for a bold chocolate fix. We bet anyone who needs a little cheering up will definitely have a good time with this double dose of chocolate from Krispy Kreme!

2. When you did something awesome

Okay, you may not have won an award, but whatever accomplishment it may be—passing an exam, meeting a deadline, or maybe achieving your goal weight (yes, even that)—you deserve a reward! The new Chocolate Glazed with Sprinkles Doughnut from Krispy Kreme is a sweet reward to make celebrating your achievement even better. If you think you’re not celebrating anything special, still go and add sprinkles to your day because you are awesome on your own and that’s a deserving reason for a chocolate doughnut.

1. Honestly? Just anytime you want to!

Whether there is a special occasion or you just need to satisfy your chocolate cravings, you can and should grab a chocolate doughnut! You can use any excuse just to have your chocolate fix because everyone deserves a good chocolate treat!

Satisfy your chocolate cravings with Krispy Kreme’s new variants: Original Chocolate Glazed, Chocolate Glazed with Sprinkles, and Double Chocolate Cake doughnuts—perfect for any type of occasion!

You have to hurry though, because these mouth watering treats are only available for a limited time!

Head on to your nearest Krispy Kreme stores, and indulge in this chocolatey goodness with your loved ones!

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