2nd Philippine International PyroMusical Competition at the SM Mall of Asia MOA


When In Manila, be sure to come to the SM Mall of Asia every Saturday night from Feb 12 – Mar 12, 2011 to witness the most spectacular firework display this side of the world! The second Philippine International Pyromusical Competition.

I just wanted to thank the people for the SM Mall of Asia and the organizers of the 2nd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition for inviting me over to experience this wonderful event. I had a BLAST…. literally!

PyroMusical-Mall-of-Asia-MOA-Philippine-International-Fireworks 058PyroMusical-Mall-of-Asia-MOA-Philippine-International-Fireworks 038

It seems that every year, the lights just keep getting brighter and the fireworks just keep getting better.

PyroMusical-Mall-of-Asia-MOA-Philippine-International-Fireworks 061PyroMusical-Mall-of-Asia-MOA-Philippine-International-Fireworks 076

WhenInManila.com was able to get a front row seat to possible one of the best shows on earth! There’s really nothing better than fireworks that light up the sky in such a beautiful, musical manner!

PyroMusical-Mall-of-Asia-MOA-Philippine-International-Fireworks 085PyroMusical-Mall-of-Asia-MOA-Philippine-International-Fireworks 062

Here we are with front row passes to this amazing event.

PyroMusical-Mall-of-Asia-MOA-Philippine-International-Fireworks 005


SM Mall of Asia and Platinum Fireworks Incorporated Presents

The Second Philippine International Pyromusical Competition

Ten of the world’s best pyrotechnic artists hit the shores of the Manila Bay with the biggest and brightest event of the year. On February 12, 2011, SM Mall of Asia and Platinum Fireworks Incorporated kick-start the Second Philippine International Pyromusical Competition (PIPC). This prestigious event will be held every Saturday night at 7PM and 8PM from February 12 to March 12 along the Seaside Boulevard of SM Mall of Asia. Each Saturday, two countries light up the skies with explosive lights and colors, synched with electrifying music.

PyroMusical-Mall-of-Asia-MOA-Philippine-International-Fireworks 018PyroMusical-Mall-of-Asia-MOA-Philippine-International-Fireworks 026

The PIPC made its debut last February 14, 2010 with United Kingdom (Jubilee Fireworks) winning the coveted Ramon Orlina glass sculpture trophy and placing Australia (Fireworx) and Japan (Tamaya Kitahara Fireworks, Co.) in the second and third spots, respectively. This 2011, the three countries return to compete again for the gold against the pyrotechnic artistry of South Korea, Spain, Portugal, China, France and Australia. The Philippines (Platinum Fireworks Inc.) also participates in this unforgettable event as the closing exhibition. The Second Philippine International Pyromusical Competition schedule is as follows:

February 12, 2011

7 PM Woori Fireworks, Inc. (South Korea)

8 PM Pirotecnia Igual (Spain)

February 19, 2011

7 PM Macedo’s Pirotecnia, LDA (Portugal)

8 PM Jubilee Fireworks (United Kingdom)

February 26, 2011

7 PM Liuyang Jinsheng Fireworks, Co. (China)

8 PM Lacroix-Ruggieri (France)

March 5, 2011

7 PM Tamaya Kitahara Fireworks, Co. (Japan)

8 PM Apogee Fireworks (Canada)

March 12, 2011

7 PM Fireworx (Australia)

8 PM Platinum Fireworks (Philippines)

PyroMusical-Mall-of-Asia-MOA-Philippine-International-Fireworks 037PyroMusical-Mall-of-Asia-MOA-Philippine-International-Fireworks 025

The stretch of the Manila Bay gives thousands of spectators an unparalleled and unobstructed view of the fireworks performance. This spectacular feat is staged on the Manila Bay waters providing a safe distance for the crowd. The view from the Veranda is the perfect background to the finest restaurants and bistros where family and friends can dine and enjoy the breath-taking feats. This thrilling affair should not be missed! You won’t find a more exciting display of firework expertise anywhere else. SM Mall of Asia is undeniably the ideal venue with its sprawling world-class complex and exceptional amenities. Discover how no experience can compare and why no other mall comes close!

When In Manila, have a blast at the 2nd Philippine International PyroMusical Competition at the SM Mall of Asia MOA! Heppening every week at the Mall of Asia from Feb 12 – Mar 12, 2011.

For more information, visit www.pyrophilippines.com. And for block reservations, please call Joel Sta. Ana (09178564130) and Jane Sta. Ana (09178114001)

PyroMusical-Mall-of-Asia-MOA-Philippine-International-Fireworks 008PyroMusical-Mall-of-Asia-MOA-Philippine-International-Fireworks 011PyroMusical-Mall-of-Asia-MOA-Philippine-International-Fireworks 012PyroMusical-Mall-of-Asia-MOA-Philippine-International-Fireworks 013PyroMusical-Mall-of-Asia-MOA-Philippine-International-Fireworks 014PyroMusical-Mall-of-Asia-MOA-Philippine-International-Fireworks 015PyroMusical-Mall-of-Asia-MOA-Philippine-International-Fireworks 016PyroMusical-Mall-of-Asia-MOA-Philippine-International-Fireworks 017PyroMusical-Mall-of-Asia-MOA-Philippine-International-Fireworks 021PyroMusical-Mall-of-Asia-MOA-Philippine-International-Fireworks 022PyroMusical-Mall-of-Asia-MOA-Philippine-International-Fireworks 023PyroMusical-Mall-of-Asia-MOA-Philippine-International-Fireworks 024PyroMusical-Mall-of-Asia-MOA-Philippine-International-Fireworks 027PyroMusical-Mall-of-Asia-MOA-Philippine-International-Fireworks 045PyroMusical-Mall-of-Asia-MOA-Philippine-International-Fireworks 046PyroMusical-Mall-of-Asia-MOA-Philippine-International-Fireworks 064PyroMusical-Mall-of-Asia-MOA-Philippine-International-Fireworks 066PyroMusical-Mall-of-Asia-MOA-Philippine-International-Fireworks 068PyroMusical-Mall-of-Asia-MOA-Philippine-International-Fireworks 069PyroMusical-Mall-of-Asia-MOA-Philippine-International-Fireworks 070PyroMusical-Mall-of-Asia-MOA-Philippine-International-Fireworks 071PyroMusical-Mall-of-Asia-MOA-Philippine-International-Fireworks 072PyroMusical-Mall-of-Asia-MOA-Philippine-International-Fireworks 073PyroMusical-Mall-of-Asia-MOA-Philippine-International-Fireworks 074PyroMusical-Mall-of-Asia-MOA-Philippine-International-Fireworks 075PyroMusical-Mall-of-Asia-MOA-Philippine-International-Fireworks 077PyroMusical-Mall-of-Asia-MOA-Philippine-International-Fireworks 078PyroMusical-Mall-of-Asia-MOA-Philippine-International-Fireworks 079PyroMusical-Mall-of-Asia-MOA-Philippine-International-Fireworks 081PyroMusical-Mall-of-Asia-MOA-Philippine-International-Fireworks 086

MOA Facade with Fireworks

2nd Philippine International PyroMusical Competition at the SM Mall of Asia MOA


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