23 Cool Things For Your Home That You Can Buy Online for Under P1,000

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Who said that decorating (or redecorating) your home has to break the bank? It doesn’t. You just have to know where to look!

We all love a well-decorated home after all, especially one that feels cozy and full of love, and so if what’s stopping you from giving your home the proper TLC is time and budget, here’s the answer.

Whether you are a new home-owner, a designer/decorator, a professional home builder, or just a passionate DIYer, here, we’ve rounded up some pretty neat home decor and functional stuff that you can conveniently buy online from Wilcon Depot‘s online shopping site. And the best part? They’re all priced under P1,000. Check them out!

23. Rustic wall clock

Wall clock

Add a little rustic accent to your home with this lovely wall clock.

Price: P520. Get it here.

22. Cutesy cactus


Any home looks a little cozier and livelier whenever a plant is around. And who doesn’t love cactuses?

Price: P250. Get it here.


21. Stylish hanging lamp

ceiling lamp

Put it beside your bed, at the corner of your living room, or above your dining table—either way, this stylish hanging light will surely ~brighten~ up any room.

Price: P799. Get it here.


20. Copper utensil holder

Utensils holder

Elevate how you store your utensils by getting this copper utensil holder for your spoons, forks, teaspoons, and serving spoons.

Price: P295. Get it here. 

19. Tropical leaves painting

Wall art palm leaves

Keep that summer, tropical vibe all year long with this wall art. Other prints are available, too, like chic pop art paintings!

Price: P456. Get it here. 


18. Modern wire basket

Wire basket

Storage? Try this wire metal basket that will add a modern touch to your storage space. A few of these will be perfect for the kitchen!

Price: P289. Get it here.


17. Rain showerhead

Shower head

You know those showerheads in hotel bathrooms with rain-like water that feels so good? You can have that at home, too!

Price: P864. Get it here.

16. Vintage-styled telephone clock

Vintage telephone clock

If you love vintage decor then you will love this clock with an old-fashioned telephone design.

Price: P992. Get it here.

15. Metal candle holder

Candle holder

Lighting up a candle always adds a bit more charm to any room, so if you’re the candle-loving type, you’ll also love this stylish metal-framed five-piece candle holder.

Price: P555. Get it here.


14. Wall mirror

Wall mirror

It’s a design trick. Mirrors add brightness and a feeling of space in any room. So make your home brighter with this mirror with a “sunburst” metal frame.

Price: P660. Get it here.

13. Metal toiletries basket

Toiletries basket

You’re gonna need a basket, shelf, or at least a ledge in the shower to put your shower essentials. This metal basket with suctions to hold it in place will do the job, and it looks modern and stylish, too.

Price: P929. Get it here.

12. Synthetic succulent decor

Synthetic succulent

Plants add a nice touch of color in any room, but if you’re not exactly the green-thumb, this synthetic succulent would be the way to go. No watering needed!

Price: P779. Get it here.

11. Tilting TV wall mount

TV Wall mount

For TV-loving homebodies, this is your best friend—a mount that lets you hang your TV on the wall and tilt it sideways and up and down so you’ll always have the best view of what you’re watching no matter where you’re sitting.

Price: P875. Get it here.

10. Rubber plant pot

Rubber plant pot

Have a garden and would like to style it a bit? This modern rubber pot will be perfect for your little oasis. Various designs are available for you to choose from.

Price: P280. Get it here.

9. “Love rules” wall decor

Motivational poster

We all need small reminders of positivity sometimes. This “love rules” wall decor will remind you everyday.

Price: P599. Get it here.

8. Family tree picture frame with clock

Family tree frame clock

Show your love for your family with this family tree picture frame with clock!

Price: P649. Get it here,

7. ~Fancy~ doorknob

Door know

Time to upgrade those doorknobs in your house with modern-looking, stylish ones like this one.

Price: P856. Get it here.

6. Layered shelf with wheels

Layered shelf

Unless you’re ready to Marie Kondo your belongings, we know you need an additional storage space. And this minimalist shelf will look pretty in your house! Tip: The wire metal basket from #18 above will be a perfect partner for this.

Pirce: P969. Get it here.

5. Retro bottlecap wall decor

Retro Wall Decor

This retro bottlecap wall decor is so cute! Find more designs in Wilcon Depot’s online shopping site.

Price: P569. Get it here.

4. Colorful collage wall picture frame

Wall picture frames

Add more life and color to your living room by putting up not just photos of your favorite moments, but in this colorful collage frame to boot!

Price: P779. Get it here.

3. Fiberboard ledge for shelving

Wooden shelf ledge

Shelvings with a wooden finish always add a nice touch to any room. You can put these up in the living room to hold some decors or picture frames, or in your room to place your personal belongings.

Price: P419. Get it here.

2. Decorative lantern


We think this would be perfect in the living room, or on the ground outside your main door. Don’t forget to light a candle in it every once in a while for that cozy feel!

Price: P655. Get it here.

1. Steel staple gun

Staple gun

And, lastly, this may not exactly be a decor, but if you are giving your house an up-do or you just really love DIY-ing, this steel staple gun will be your best friend. It will make a lot of tasks so much easier for you!

Price: P595. Get it here.

Good thing there are places like Wilcon Depot, a one-stop-shop where you can get everything you need for your home in just one visit—even online! With just a few clicks, you can get that item that you need, however big or small, and have them delivered straight to your doorstep, saving you so much time and effort.

Ready to shop and give your home the love it deserves? Head to https://shop.wilcon.com.ph/ now.

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