21 Travel Essentials for Your 2023 Trips Under PHP 500

2023 is the year of revenge travel! There’s no doubt that you or the people around you are already planning for well-deserved vacays around the country or abroad—which means that your travel bag requires a much-needed update. We’ve put together a list of travel essentials that you can get under PHP 500 that will help make your trip worry-free and fuss-free!

21 Travel Essentials for Your 2023 Trips Under PHP 500

1. Microfiber towel

01 towel

Microfiber towels work like a dream because they’re compact, easy to bring around, and lightweight. They can mop up your sweat on a particularly hot day and can even be used to dry you up post-shower so you don’t ever have to worry about borrowing or renting towels during your trip. The best part is that they dry quickly, so even if you take that last-minute bath or dip in the pool, you don’t have to worry about this microfiber towel staying wet in your bag. BUY it here!

2. Packing cubes

02 packing cubes

This packing cube set will help organize your clothes and belongings inside your luggage. Made with lightweight nylon material, these cubes will also protect your stuff from getting wrinkled, stained, or damaged while traveling. BUY it here!

3. All-in-one universal travel adapter converter

03 travel adapter

Have you ever experienced going to one country and finding out their outlets are different from the plugs that you had brought with you? That’s precisely why a universal travel adapter converter is the best thing to have! It has different plugs that can adapt to each country and has multiple ports so you can charge multiple gadgets at once. BUY it here!

4. Multi-storage glasses case

04 sunglasses

No need to bring multiple cases for your glasses or shades; you can just store them conveniently in one multi-storage box! This multi-storage glasses case is really sturdy and sleek too, so you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged while traveling. BUY it here!

5. Travel-sized jewelry box

05 jewelry

This travel-sized jewelry box is a must-have for the jet-setting fashionistas! It has compartments for your rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces—all stored in a cute, stylish, compact case! BUY it here!

6. Card-sized pillbox

06 pill

Leave your giant medicine bottles at home and only take the pills you need in this travel-friendly compact pillbox! It has plenty of compartments to hold your different meds and won’t take up a lot of space inside your bag. BUY it here!

7. Facial mist

07 facial mist

A hydrating and soothing facial mist like this one by Acwell is a must-have to keep your face hydrated after a long flight and throughout the day while you’re walking around under the sun. It also works as a facial toner! The best part is that this spray is 100ML making it just the perfect size to keep inside your carry-on. BUY it here!

8. Inflatable neck pillow

08 neck pillow

Say goodbye to uncomfortable neck cramps when trying to sleep inside the plane! This nifty neck pillow is inflatable with a built-in pump, making it so convenient to bring during your trips because of how easily it can be stored inside your bag before and after you use it. BUY it here!

9. 3D sleeping eye mask

09 eye mask

This soft and comfy sleeping eye mask has a unique 3D design that allows your eyes to move freely and keep your eye makeup intact during your long trip. Its material also allows for a snug yet cozy fit on the face. BUY it here!

10. Extension cord

10 extension cord

Are you the type to bring around plenty of gadgets that need charging every night? Then an extension cord is a definite must-have, especially when you know that your hotel, hostel, or Airbnb won’t have enough electrical outlets. BUY it here!

11. First-aid kit

11 first aid

It pays to be prepared for emergency situations! A first-aid medical kit is useful while traveling because you’ll never know when you’ll suddenly get into a minor accident. BUY it here!

12. Vacuum storage bags

12 vacuum bags

Vacuum storage bags are certified space-savers in your luggage as these help compress your clothes and lessen the size of the area that they take up n your bag. (Don’t forget to order the pump too!) BUY them here.

13. Luggage scale

13 luggage scale

You won’t ever have to worry about exceeding the baggage allowance with this nifty portable luggage scale! BUY it here!

14. RFID card holder

14 rfid

Leave your heavy wallet at home and just take with you a nifty and compact card extender to put in all your credit cards, IDs, and transportation cards which are all you ever really need while traveling. BUY it here!

15. Crossbody sling bag

15 dumpling bag

Based on experience of traveling a lot, sling bags are the best bags to bring around because they’re not to heavy, they compel you to bring only the necessities, and it frees up your hands and arms while sightseeing. There are plenty of nice, simple, and aesthetic ones out there but this is one of the crossbody sling bags we found that we would personally add to our carts. BUY it here!

16. Swiss knife / multitool

16 swiss knife

Adventurers and urbanites would find use for a Swiss knife when traveling around because you’d never really know when you’d find yourself in a situation that calls for a screwdriver, or a cutter, or a bottle opener, or whatever else. If you don’t have one of your own yet, it’s time to invest in one! BUY it here!

17. Portable tripod

17 tripod

A portable tripod is a must-have for making memories while traveling, especially when you’re flying solo! BUY it here!

18. Cable organizer

18 cable organizer

No need to ever worry about all your cords getting tangled up inside your bag because having a cable organizer will keep it all secured in one place. BUY it here!

19. Travel shoe bag

19 foot bag

If you’re the type of person to also bring the shoebox when packing your shoes, then this is your sign to stop doing so. Putting your shoes in plastic bags also won’t protect them from accidental damages. You need to purchase a set of these travel shoe bags to keep your footwear neatly organized in your luggage and to protect your other belongings from getting soiled too! BUY it here!

20. Fabric refresher spray

20 fabric freshener

Sometimes, the odors of being packed tightly inside your luggage and stowed inside the airplane can stick to your clothes. This is when a fabric freshening spray would be most useful so you can smell nice and fresh when wearing your OOTDs! BUY it here!

21. Cute travel bottles

21 travel bottles

Travel bottles are a necessity! Purchase a set where you can put in just the right amount of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and skincare in each bottle to last you throughout your trip. BUY it here!

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