20+ significant others sweeter than Peter Kavinsky

The To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before hype is so real and strong. No matter where you look on the web, someone’s hyping it up. And we don’t blame them! It kind of rekindled that adrenaline-pumping pure kilig that we might have missed out on the past few months.

The swoon factor? Many would agree that it’s Peter Kavinsky. The back-pocket-holding, note-writing, hot-tub-simmering hottie has captured hearts all over the world and has people bemoaning the fact that they don’t have their own Peter. But worry not! We asked around and found some real life significant others even sweeter than Peter Kavinsky!

Check out the stories below:

Therese Justine Bruel

The significant other went to my condo to set up this surprise for me because we hadnt seen each other in two weeks. I love my significant other.

He also made me lugaw when I was sick and brought me calamansi juice/Chinese medicine when he found out my throat hurt!

Pat Chan

Every single date we have, he buys me a flower. I sundry them and save them in a jar.

Thea Bonifacio

He walked all the way from Medical City to the school that I teach at to surprise deliver me Coco even though I would be seeing him later that night.

Maggie Mendez

I walked in the rain on the way to a facial place near my house and I told him about it. So you know how you sleep during facials… Suddenly my derma woke me up and I opened my eyes to him with a jacket for me. Thing was, he lives kinda far from me and at the time he didn’t have his own transpo so it amazed me he made it all the way to my facial place.

Kat Mayuga

She organized a surprise birthday party for me. Every little detail was planned. Even the cake had a cartoon version of me! Then her shirt had the same pattern as the gift wrappers ? the best part was I didn’t expect to see her that day. She was out of town but I didn’t know she went back to Manila just to be with me.

Cinta Posadas

After a night out of drinking, he’ll arrive at my door the morning after with McDonald’s breakfast because he knows that McDo is my go-to hangover x recovery food. ?


My boyfriend, who’s in the US marine corps, and I have been in an LDR since May. It started when he mailed me a birthday package and I mailed him back a book as a thank you gift. Since then, we’ve been writing letters to each other to make up for time we wish we had together. Sometimes, we send small gifts and polaroids. ❤️

Chynna Santos

Not sure if Peter Kavinsky knows how to program/write code, but my SO made me a video game when we first started LDR, every level was a recreation of some of our memorable dates ???

Angel Salcedo

We got into a really big fight the evening of December 31st. I guess he didn’t want to start the year on a bad note, since even when the clock hit 12 we still weren’t okay. When suddenly at 3 am my phone starts ringing and I find him outside my house. (I live in Rizal, he lives all the way in Tandang Sora ☹️) He isn’t allowed to drive or anything so the fact he took a cab meant a lot to me. He handed me a 2018 calendar which had “Atin ‘to” all over it. And I cried like a baby. Hahaha romantic movie as heck.

Gaby Mendiola

On our first real date, he parked near the back gate of LGV. He opened the trunk and there was a picnic ready for us. He made most of my favorite food (SUCH a good cook) and we ate as we watched the sunset.

Sky Gavin

1) It was my birthday and JR was in the States. i was working the whole day but in the morning I got a delivery of a harry potter cake 
2) I wanted to buy cursed child but didn’t have time to go out and get it due to work sched. One day he surprised me w the book 

Nicole Villaluz

My boyfriend writes me postcard letters. The first one he gave me was back when we had just started dating. He said that if I happen to like it, there would be more for the future. I loved it, of course, and until now he’d write me one from time to time, although I never really know when I’d get them. That’s what makes it so exciting. I’m always looking forward to getting a new postcard letter from him. Plus, he’s quite the writer too, so I can’t help but fall in love more with everything he writes. ❤️

This is the first postcard he ever gave me.

Gabs Ilagan

I was having a terrible day and my two friends cancelled on watching a performance of both my favorite spoken word artists and I didn’t have a car to drive 1.5 hours (one way) away to do it alone so I resigned myself to not going. But he called me out of nowhere saying he booked a rental car and I was still going to make it to that show.

He’d never heard of either of the spoken word artists before but knew how much I loved them so he drove me all the way there and back and paid for a ticket even if he had so much work due the next day that he just stayed outside in the lobby to work while I was inside watching, all so my day would end on a high note and I could see my favs perform 

He’s done other things–rented out a helicopter so we could fly above the mountains, dressed up in a suit and carried flowers to watch every one of my dance shows during college even if everyone else was there in sweatpants, and would regularly walk half in hour in the snow to get to my room from his room, etc.–but that’s the first one that came to mind. We’re not together anymore but we both agree we were really lucky to have each other. 

Stephanie Ann Puen

He woke up at 2/3 in the morning to go to McDonalds when McGriddles came out to get me one of each kind so I could try it, since I was really wanting to try it but didn’t have time to go in the morning. :))

Also, learned to cook all my favorite foods (despite being the epitome of the person who only eats to fuel his body and can’t identify flavors).


I was supposed to leave for JTA (Junior Term Abroad–foreign exchange student program) and he wrote me a song with the zipcode of the place I was supposed to go to as the title, he took it down from his Soundcloud tho but I still remember parts of the song. “and I will fly, to the deepest darkest parts of you. I will fly to the sky, anything just to keep you on my mind.” JTA didn’t push through and I was really devastated about it but he was there for me through it all, and I guess that song brought comfort to me. It’ll be a year since we’ve broken up tomorrow and things were rough but this will always be special, there were still good things that came out of this.

Vida Cruz

One time, I was crying in the cafeteria while we were eating together, and he made a smiley face on his plate with rice and cut up pork. 


It was Christmas Eve, he went to my house and played Bibingka by Ben&Ben (my f a v e Ben&Ben song ever huhu) from his laptop, baked homemade bibingka, and wrote on ~20 illustration boards (just like the scene from the movie Love, Actually!!)

The last one said, “Will you be my BEHBEHngka this Noche BAEna?” ?

Ele Gealogo

My girlfriend writes. She wrote me a letter for whenever I’m feeling certain ways, good and bad. She also wrote for 30 days straight before my birthday and gave me a month’s worth of letters as a gift.

I think honestly the cheesiest thing she ever did was just smile at me and every time she does, parang naka-quota na ako sa life HAHAHA.


I was absent from class once because I got sick. When I came back my ex made me a mix CD of indie songs he thought I’d like to listen to, to make me feel better. Ever since then we’d made and swapped mix CDs every special occasion.

Willa Tac-An

It was our first valentine’s day together, about 3 weeks into our relationship so it was still an adjustment period haha. I never liked Valentine’s since I saw it as a waste of time. My boyfriend knew that so we didn’t plan anything for that day. B U T it didn’t stop him from doing something for me huhu 

My friend and I went to my org’s ticket booth when I found a yellow (my favourite colour) balloon with a “W” written on it in my penmanship. My (accomplice!!) org mates gave me a bunch of safety pins (he got me a whole pack bec I always ran out of my own) to pop the balloon. A note fell out and it had a poem — a clue to the next balloon. So a couple of my friends and I were p much running around campus committing a balloon massacre :)) Turns out the balloons were all at places significant to our relationship.

The very last balloon was in front of the Old Lib, where he was waiting for me with a balloon with “Willa you be my valentine?” written across it (huhu) and a mixtape with songs he listened to as our friendship progressed over the months. I was honestly in shock throughout the whole thing and really confused but it was really the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me.

Lesly Bries

Just recently my SO sous-vided steak for hours & cooked pasta for us. He greeted me at the door all suited up, wine chilling and a list of our special songs for slow-dancing all ready. It wasn’t even our monthsary. He does stuff like this all the time. Kavinsky who?

Alfonso Arvisu

After a certain party, Roxy (his girlfriend) and I went out to the parking lot and I confessed my feelings for her on the back of my pick-up truck whilst under the starry skies.

Rissa Coronel

My now-SO of almost four years used to be my chemistry classmate. He suddenly became my seatmate One day he sneakily wrote “Back of Gesu (Church in Ateneo), 3pm” on my planner I showed up. Lo and behold, he was there.

He showed me a nice view of Marikina (from a restricted area), and then we somehow got to a roofdeck, from which he also showed me a nice view (also restricted).

Between going to/seeing nice views on campus we got to talk a lot about life and idk, it was exhilarating and sweet to me at the time.

Genesis Santos (@genesisxsantos on Twitter)

My boyfriend grabbed my hand in public, drew me closer, and danced in an open field while my favorite band plays.


I was sad and missing my friends so my ex surprised me and told me to go downstairs one night and he was there. He brought my whole barkada to my house and they each had one of my favorite foods/drinks so they legit had cartons of my fave juice, buckets of KFC etc. 🙁

He also sent me a fruit bouquet when I was on a diet “I wanna be SWEET but since ur on a diet… here’s some fruit instead.”

We hadn’t seen each other for a while and we were planning to go eat ramen because we were both craving for the longest time. We also weren’t allowed to go on dates much so this ramen date was a big thing. But I got super sick 🙁 Next thing I know he shows up to the house with take out ramen because he wanted to bring the date to me.

Nikki Gomez

We were in front of an artwork in the Ateneo Art Gallery and Matt said: “I have a question, what does this mean?” Then I explained. In front of another artwork, he told me he had a question. I said smiling: “what? ‘What does this mean?’” then he said “will you be my girlfriend?”

Mikee Generoso

My boyfriend once wrote a poem about me on a starbucks napkin.


During the summer after my junior year (and his summer after senior year), we didn’t see each other for 2-3 weeks because our trips and schedules didn’t align. The last part of this “separation”, he was in Japan. He told me that he was coming home on a certain day (I forgot when!) but it turns out his flight got moved and he was going home two days earlier. He didn’t snap or tweet when he went home, and we even skyped when he was already home! The day after he arrived, he went to my house and literally said “BOO!” and I was so genuinely surprised. He told me “get dressed, I asked permission— we’re going out!”

Chandra Pepino

My boyfriend asked me to grab something from his locker (we work together) and I opened it to find an electric toothbrush. I mentioned wanting one in passing cause I never got to have one as a kid, and he remembered! Hehe.


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