2 Heartbreaking Stories of Helpless Animals Stuffed Inside a Bag and Dumped in Trash

In the past week alone I saw two reports of pets being dumped with the trash. One was stuffed inside a plastic bag, the other in a shopping bag, and left for dead in piles of trash. One was a kitten and the other one was a dog. Both were in terrible conditions. The rescuers shared their stories. See below.

Heard a cat in distress earlier this morning and glad that i bothered to check it out. The poor fella was dumped next to a pile of garbage due for collection. A friend who came by brought kitty to his house. To the diabolical organism who did this, hope and pray that i don’t catch you next time.

Leo Christian Lumbre’s friend adopted the male kitten who is now living in Caloocan, safe, warm, and loved. If only all rescue stories are like this.

Brace yourself for the next story, shared by Shanella Vargas.

Around 5:30AM I was walking to 711 – Caltex (Boni) to meet up with my classmates. An old lady stopped in her tracks and I did too and we both stumbled upon this poor dog in a green eco bag thrown on a pile of trash and rocks.

I have to leave the poor dog for a few hours. I came back at around 7AM to see it still there, sleeping. I was with a friend and we were informed the dog was thrown by someone riding a bike early in the morning or maybe late at night. The dog is also sick and one of its legs are wrapped in a bandaid, dried blood on its fur as well. The eyes seem to also contract cataracts as well.

The dog had numerous healthy issues. According to the reporter, it was suffering from kidney failure and possibly infected uterus from over-breeding. Its tongue was rotting and its fur was infested by parasites.

Shanella Vargas Rescue of a dog 2

To whoever did this, SHAME ON YOU. Your actions are truly inhumane! If you cannot pay for the treatment of your own pet you should’ve just given it to someone you know who can afford the treatment of the poor dog. But NO! You decided to just throw the dog in an eco bag on a pile of rocks.

We had no choice but to bring the dog to the nearest veterinarian in Barangka. I did not know what to do since dogs are banned where I live.

I am truly heartbroken about what happened. KARMAHIN KA SANA.

EDIT: The dog is a female. We were informed by the vet that the dog has kidney failure, matris (failure?) due to excessive breeding, a rotting tongue that needs to be cut off and several parasites in her fur.

Shanella Vargas Rescue of a dog 3

EDIT: We were given choices by the vet. They are to put the dog down, let it be, or save the dog by means of surgery. The surgery costs P5k. ????

The rescuers had to make a very difficult choice.

EDIT: As of 10:50AM-11AM, my classmates and I decided to put 711 (her temporary name) to sleep by means of euthanasia/mercy killing. I didn’t want to put her to sleep. I really didn’t want to but we just did not want her to suffer any longer due to numerous complications that she had. ???? I think that it was actually better to put her down in that way than just letting her die in a busy street and die while suffering from her illnesses. (Sorry for the late update, umalis pa po ako.)

RIP 7-11 the dog. I wish I was able to get your real name so that we may pay tribute to you properly. I’m so sorry that your fate has to be like this. ????

Shanella Vargas Rescue of a dog 1

Shocked? I know I am. That poor, beautiful dog. Rest in peace dear pup.

However, these two cases are just a drop in the bucket of the animal abuse happening everywhere.

In the revised animal welfare act of the Philippines (RA10631: Amendments of RA8485), it is unlawful for any person who has custody of an animal to abandon it. If the animal dies as a result of being abandoned, that person may be charged with animal abuse and, upon conviction, punished to up to 2 years in prison and required to pay a penalty of PhP100,000.

When you see a case of pet abandonment, the Philippine Animal Welfare Society urges citizens to please report the incident immediately to the proper government authorities who are paid by our taxes and who are responsible for upholding the law and for animal welfare concerns. These are your barangay officials; National Emergency Hotline 911; and Bureau of Animal Industry – Animal Welfare Division (BAI-AWD) – tel. # (02) 926-1522; Office of the Director tel. # (02) 926-6833 / (02) 928-2429.

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Video by Leo Christian Lumbre; Photos by Shanella Vargas


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