1950 Restaurant: A Fusion of Classic and Modern Cuisine

For millennials, the 1950s is a decade that belongs to the throwback track of social media. It’s fascinating to think that my dad was born in that decade, and he was supposed to turn 64 this year. Aside from that, the only things I can stretch out of my history book is the short-lived presidency of Ramon Magsaysay. However, there’s a new restaurant in QC that will redefine the phrase nineteen-fifty.

1950 Restaurant offers a classic Filipino menu with touches of Western and Asian cuisine that are sophistically plated. As you first step in the resto, a rustic ambiance will welcome you. The interiors have the theme of the 1950s era, but are designed with a fresh look that millennials are sure to deem Instagrammable.

We had the chance to try out some of their sampler menu sets and here are our top faves.

Complimentary bread is served freshly baked and in variety. We only tried a little of them because we knew we were about to partake in a delish food journey.

Lobster Bisque – P600

It is essential to start a meal light. I just had to pick the Lobster Bisque as it is my favorite soup. It’s not everyday that I get a taste of lobster, after all. The soup itself is very light, which highlights the taste of the lobster. There is also a hint of crab, which enhances the taste of the soup. Try it with the bread that’s served with the soup to add a new layer of texture and taste to your palate.

Caesar Salad – P400

This is not your average salad in a bowl tossed together. 1950 Restaurant has a very innovative and creative take on their Caesar Salad. It’s very convenient to eat. Grilled romaine lettuce is sliced and topped with bacon, Caesar dressing, cured egg yolk, and cheese.

WIM tip: Try drizzling some lemon juice onto your salad. This will bring out more flavor in the salad and add a refreshing and clean taste to it.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken Bites – P300

What’s better than regular fried chicken? Fried chicken that you can just pop into your mouth. No bones, no chomps – just pure fried chicken bliss. Try it with spiced honey or brown butter gravy. Their chef recommends pouring both sauces on the chicken, though!

Roasted Bone Marrow – P380

Just look at the dish! Beautifully plated with alder flower, portobello mushrooms, and sweet caramelized onions; this dish is just heavenly! It tastes very light and goes really well with the sourdough bread as the grilled parts of the bread really accentuate the richness of the bone marrow. Slow down a bit, though, and keep your #PutokBatok meter under control.

Adobo Classics – P350

This dish really hits closely to home. I’ve lived in different parts of Luzon, and I can tell you that our adobo in Bulacan is different to the adobos I’ve tried in Laguna and Pampanga. 1950 Restaurant’s Adobo Classic offers Chicken Adobong Tagalog, Bangus Belly Adobo sa Gata, Pork Belly Adobo sa Dilaw, and Adobong Itlog. It’s amazing that each adobo features a different protein.

The Chicken Adobong Tagalog is reminiscent of the adobo I usually have at home. The Bangus Belly Adobo sa Gata could be the lightest of the adobo platter as the gata tones down the strong adobo taste and gives it a natural sweetness. The use of bangus belly really sets it apart from the rest as it is the softest protein and makes the Adobo Classics a surf and turf dish.

The Pork Belly Adobo sa Dilaw is a unique adobo as the oils found in the dish disperse the flavor on the tastebuds. The Adobong Itlog seems like a simple idea, but it really works! I usually pair my adobo with a hard-boiled egg, but 1950 Restaurant’s take on the dish makes use of a perfectly poached egg. The creamy yolk with the adobo sauce adds a very homey taste to the whole platter.

Roasted Duck Breast – P600

Another very visually stimulating dish! The presentation is artistic and the colors are vivid. The duck breast dish is served with berry grastique, squash, kale, and borderlaise sauce. The meat is succulent and tender. The pumpkin is thinly sliced and is not overpowering, making it a good complement to the berry grastique. The dish has a very harmonious theme with the chosen ingredients.

Angus Prime Burnt Ends – P400

This dish is made with Angus Prime Ribeye and 1950 Restaurant’s housemade BBQ sauce. Let me tell you why this dish made a mark on me. While on one of my cooking escapades, I learned the “Maillard Reaction”. Maillard Reaction is the browning that occurs on the meat during the cooking process. Because of this reaction, a wonderful aroma and flavors are formed during the chemical process. The burnt ends of the Angus Prime Ribeye, as the by-product of the Maillard reaction, results in a very flavorful and savory dish. Accentuated by their BBQ sauce, this is a great meal to have.

Bavarian Cake – P280

I always say there’s always room for dessert. The Bavarian Cake is served with milk crumbs and strawberry ice cream, and is topped with peanut brittle. This is a great end to a great meal. The cake is not too sweet and the ice cream on the side goes very well with the cake.

White Chocolate Blondie – P280

The White Chocolate Blondie consists of baked chunky chocolate cookies topped with vanilla ice cream and served with creamy milk. This is best for people with a sweet tooth. You really can’t go wrong with the classic combination of cookies and vanilla ice cream, after all.

1950 Restaurant has a menu of drinks, too! For comfortable drinkers, try out their mojito, which is the right amount of sweet and bitter. Also try their 1950 cocktail! They also have a selection of craft beer, white wine, and red wine.

WIM Tip: Since you made it here, we’ll let you in a little secret. Ask for a “red carpet” as a drink. It’s a mocktail that highlights an apple flavor. Thank us later!

Next time you are in the QC area and are in the mood for great Filipino dishes, drop by 1950 Restaurant.

1950 Restaurant

#14 Castillas Street, Quezon City


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