15 Women’s Travel Bags for When We Can Finally Get Out There

Our current situation might have forced us to stay safe at home, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look forward to future travels and start preparing for them. Aren’t we all hoping for better days when we can all freely travel the world? But while we’re still waiting for that, why not shop for travel essentials! Here are 15 women’s travel bags that you can get on Lazada:

Lightweight Hard Shell Check-In Travel Luggage

ito hardshell luggage

Photo from Lazada

With a height of 24 inches, this hard shell travel luggage is the perfect size for short trips. Being lightweight, it’s the practical choice for gliding through the airport or terminals. It also has a built-in lock for your safety and security! Buy it now with 11% OFF!

17″ Laptop Backpack

himawari laptop bag

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If your job still requires you to go into the office, this laptop backpack just might be your newest everyday companion. It’s large enough for a standard-sized laptop and includes many pockets for all of your travel essentials. Plus, it’s waterproof! Get it now at 34% OFF!

Korean Mommy Backpack

korean backpack

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Whether you’re a mommy or not, this stylish backpack is perfect for your emergency errand runs because of its massive capacity. The many compartments ensures that you have everything you need for that trip outside. Buy it now at 83% OFF!

Tassel Tote Shoulder Bag

tassel shoulder bag

Photo from Lazada

This shoulder bag is a great choice for a casual yet stylish look. It also has a big capacity, great for work and play. Get it for only PHP 699!

David Jones Paris Tote Bag

david jones tote bag

Photo from Lazada

If your usual travels nowadays include important work meetings, this option might be for you. It’s got a sleek sophisticated design that will instantly elevate any outfit you’ve got on. Buy it now at 52% OFF!

Soft Leather Korean-Style Backpack


Photo from Lazada

For a bag that gives off a younger vibe, check out this Korean-style soft leather backpack! They come in super cute colors, and it just might satisfy the K-Drama fan in you. Get it at 40% OFF!

Kate Spade Cross Body & Shoulder Bag

kate spade

Photo from Lazada

If you’re a certified bag-aholic, then Kate Spade might be one of the brands in your closet right now. This particular cross-body bag is so chic and sophisticated thanks to the elegant design and color. This is truly a must-have! Get it at 29% OFF!

Nylon Mini Shoulder Bag


Photo from Lazada

This one’s for those emergency short trips outside when you don’t want to bring your heavy everyday bag. It’s cute and stylish, but does its job well. Get it for only PHP 350!

Genuine Leather Handbag

foxer handbag

Photo from Lazada

Looking for a timeless work bag? This leather handbag is elegant and will definitely withstand the test of time—perfect for daily use! Plus, the big capacity proves its got function as well! Buy it now at 44% OFF.

Multipurpose Maternity Backpack

multipurpose maternity bag

Photo from Lazada

New moms, this travel bag is for you! Aside from the large capacity and many compartments that this backpack offers, it also easily transforms into a diaper changing pad. Buy it now at 6% OFF!

Leather Weave Tote Bag

weave bag

Photo from Lazada

Looking for a head-turner bag that’s unique and fashionable? This leather weave tote bag is the one for you. Coming in quirky colors like purple and green, this bag is sure to brighten up your day. Get it now at 50% OFF!

Phone Shoulder Bag

cellphone bag

Photo from Lazada

This cute bag may be smaller, but it can easily hold your travel essentials with ease. No more walking around with a bulky bag thanks to this shoulder bag! With its many compartments, you can leave the house feeling light and breezy. Buy it now at 68% OFF!

Anti-Dust Bag Protector

anti dust bag

Photo from Lazada

If leaving the house was never an option for you, maybe it’s time to give some tender loving care to your bags at home. Don’t let them gather up dust! Keep them clean and protected with this anti-dust protective bag organizer. Get it now for only PHP 119!

Gadget Travel Organizer

gadget organizer

Photo from Lazada

Are your gadgets all over the place when you travel? Or maybe even when you’re at home it’s the same scenario. Start organizing those important things with this gadget travel organizer. It’s got lots of pockets, it’s very portable, and it’s even got a built-in lock to keep your things secure. Buy it now at 30% OFF!

Character Trolley Bag for Kids


Photo from Lazada

Are your kids missing school already? Let them experience the busy mornings of getting ready for school with this trolley bag! It features various characters from their favorite shows, so you can be sure that it will brighten up their days at home. Get it now at 56% OFF!

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Start preparing for the day we can finally travel and get your travel bags now while they’re on sale! What’s your fave type of travel bag? Share it with us in the comments!

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