15 Times People Should REALLY Wash Their Hands

Hand-washing is a totally underrated hygienic practice. But the truth is, we can never get enough it. Germs and bacteria are everywhere, living in the daily objects—big and small—we are surrounded with. Even diseases are easily contracted through physical touch, which is why it is so important to keep our hands clean. You could save a life, for all you know.

There are perhaps a million reasons why people should really always wash their hands, but let me give you 15 of definitely THE MOST important ones.

15. Before eating a burger.

If you don’t agree burger should be first on this list, or why, we can’t be friends.

Forbes Town Center Burger Festival Megaworld When in Manila Mae Ilagan CAB Angus Beef Burger L Entrecote (2 of 4)

14. After getting off the MRT or a jeep.

Did you NOT see how many moist fingerprints were imprinted on that bar you were holding on to?

MRT Woes - thick crowds during rush hour

13. After peeing, before leaving the restroom.

Manners, folks. Manners.


12. After eating chips and your fingers are coated with cheese.

No, licking your fingers from base to tip doesn’t count.

Bake Lab Gourmet Banana Chips

11. After a cigarette break.

Because, really, it stinks, bro. And it clings to everything you touch. You’re like Midas, but stinkier.

5 Reasons To Quit Smoking When In Manila

10. After picking your nose.

Oh really, you don’t? Liar, liar, pants on fire!

24 Thirty Hand Sanitizer 15 Times People Should REALLY Wash Their Hands Asian Girl Ice Cream Nose

9. Before preparing a meal.

Because the only thing you want to serve your guests are love and good food. Not germs.

bento your creative lunchbox-32

8. After a boodle fight.

You should probably wash your chin, too. There’s kanin on your baba.

boodle fight 3 25 Things That Only Filipinos Would Understand

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