15 Stylish Minimalist Accessories That Prove Less Is Definitely More

It’s been said that “accessories are like vitamins to fashion.” The right accessories can instantly elevate any outfit and easily make anyone look so put together. Sometimes, even the most subtle pieces can take your outfit from drab to fab.

If you’re up to shop online for minimalist accessories that will make you feel luxurious in whatever outfit you wear, here are some must-haves that you can get from Shopee:

choker necklace

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15. This stainless steel choker-style necklace features cute studs spaced out around the chain like tiny pendants. It makes such a dainty choker that would look awesome with your tube tops.

Buy this choker-style necklace here!

layered chain

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14. This minimalist layered chain necklace features such an elegant vibe even in its simplicity. It can instantly make your shirt-and-blazer combo look like a fire #girlboss outfit!

Buy this layered chain necklace here!

wing necklace

Photo from Shopee

13. Want to feel like an angel? This chic wing necklace features a pretty wing pendant and a sparkly gem pendant that drops right by the chest. We love the soft feminine look of this wing necklace!

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Screen Shot 2021 08 16 at 4.55.41 PM

Photo from Shopee

12. If you’re a huge lover of the night sky, this star and moon layered necklace is a must-have. The tiny star and moon pendants have such a chic vibe and would be great to wear on your neck.

Buy this star and moon layered necklace here!

gold chain necklace

Photo from Shopee

11. This minimalist gold chain is as simple as it gets, but the elegantly curved pendant in the middle adds so much sophistication to this piece. This is definitely something that would be perfect to have for special occasions.

Buy this minimalist gold chain here!

starmoon bracelet

Photo from Shopee

10. If you got the star and moon necklace, this star and moon bracelet is a great match for it. It also features tiny charms on a thin chain, making it such a dainty accessory for your wrist.

Buy this star and moon bracelet here!

golden rope bracelet

Photo from Shopee

9. This golden rope-inspired bracelet looks like an upgraded version of casual friendship bracelets. It also comes with a minimalist heart pendant, making it a great gift for your BFFs, too!

Buy this golden rope bracelet here!

stacks bracelet

Photo from Shopee

8. If you just want a simple no-frills bracelet that’s still elegant and sophisticated, this variety of gold chain bracelets is for you. You can even have your choice of chain style or get them all and stack them on your wrists.

Buy these minimalist gold bracelet chains here!

stackable rings

Photo from Shopee

7. You can easily add bling to your fingers in a fashionable way with this 5-piece stackable ring set! It features a variety of thin bands in gold or silver, plus a minimalist ring with tiny “pearls” on it. Having this whole set on your hand creates such a classy look.

Buy this 5-piece stackable ring set here!

birthstone ring

Photo from Shopee

6. If you’re looking for something simple with a splash of color, this birthstone ring is a great option. You can choose to wear your very own birthstone sitting on a thin golden band. The birthstone is also cut in a heart shape, making it both cute and chic all at once.

Buy this heart birthstone ring here!

minimalist heart ring

Photo from Shopee

5. If you’re looking for a minimalist ring with just a subtle sparkle, this minimalist heart crystal ring is a great treat for yourself. This ring features a gorgeous thin golden band, plus beautiful mini stones set into a heart shape. We’re sure you’ll instantly fall in love with how simple yet elegant this particular ring is.

Buy this minimalist heart crystal ring here!

threader earring

Photo from Shopee

4. This threader earring is stylish, simple, and can easily be worn in a variety of ways. If you’ve got multiple piercings, then you can just thread this earring through all of them for a cute wrap-around effect. You can also wear them simply as drop earrings!

Buy this threader earring here!

stud earrings

Photo from Shopee

3. This set of 3 minimalist stud earrings are great to have in your earring collection. Because of its simple and straightforward design, it looks great with any type of outfit—from business casual looks to flirty sundresses. These stud earrings are essentially a wardrobe staple!

Buy this stud earring set here!

celestial stud set

Photo from Shopee

2. If you want studs that are a little more than just spheres, you might love these celestial and geometric stud sets. It includes 8 pieces of tiny earrings in cute shapes such as a sun, a triangle, a cube, and a star constellation. You can even enjoy mixing and matching these studs if you’ve got multiple piercings.

Buy these celestial and geometric studs here!

hoop earrings

Photo from Shopee

1. When looking for minimalist accessories, you can’t go wrong with these classic hoop earrings! These particular hoop earrings are thin and prevent any bulky vibe. You can choose the size of the earrings according to your preference and can get them in gold and silver.

Buy these minimalist hoop earrings here!

Consider these minimalist accessories as your wardrobe staples and you’ll be ready with a gorgeous outfit at all times! Stock up on these and feel like a fashion star everywhere you go.

What’s your favorite accessory piece? Share it with us!

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