15 Purple Items for Your Purple-Themed Workstation

Thinking of changing your current workstation during this two-week lockdown? Why not create a space dedicated to the color purple? Whether you’re someone who just loves everything purple, or you’re a huge ARMY and want to incorporate that in your home office, a purple workstation could be a great project for the next two weeks.

Don’t know where to begin? Let us help you with these 15 cute purple items from Lazada that would look perfect in your purple-themed workstation.


purple calendar

Photo from Lazada

15. This adorable wooden calendar won’t just help you keep track of which date it is. It also brightens up any desk space because it is just so cute! It includes wooden blocks for you to change the dates and a small pen holder.

Buy this purple wooden calendar here!

purple phone holder

Photo from Lazada

14. This purple phone holder even includes a mini unicorn figure, adding to its overall cuteness. Your phone will look a lot more adorable with this holder, too!

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purple clock

Photo from Lazada

13. If you’re looking for something useful and elegant (aside from being purple), this gorgeous retro-inspired purple clock is a great addition to your workstation. It has a beautiful muted lavender color with a golden stand and gold letters. It’s very classy!

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purple keyboard

Photo from Lazada

12. This purple mechanical keyboard is a great investment if you’re planning to upgrade what you have now. Aside from the ergonomic design and relaxing sound of its switches, it also features an elegant shade of purple. It’s practically a must-have for any purple-themed workstation.

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purple mouse

Photo from Lazada

11. Of course, if you’re upgrading your keyboard, it makes sense to get a new mouse, too! This high-quality ergonomic mouse comes in a beautiful purple hue, and it even features RGB lights.

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purple desk mat

Photo from Lazada

10. These purple-themed desk mats will make your workspace look a lot cleaner. It also helps prevent any scratches on your table. You can even choose from a variety of purple-hued designs that are a lot prettier than just solid colors.

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purple storage

Photo from Lazada

9. Keep your work stuff organized and at all times with this cute purple desktop organizer. It’s very easy to assemble, and it features such a beautiful shade of purple.

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purple pegboard

Photo from Lazada

8. Need extra storage space for your work stuff, gadgets, and accessories? Get this purple pegboard shelf that you can essentially use however you want it. You can attach it to the wall and assemble the included shelves however you need them.

Buy this purple pegboard shelf here!

purple mug

Photo from Lazada

7. This cute purple mug will be perfect for the coffee that will keep you awake throughout the day. It even includes a cute cover, a spoon, and a glass straw.

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purple mugwarmer

Photo from Lazada

6. To keep your coffee hot all day, you definitely need this purple cup warmer. It also includes an elegant purple mug, but any other mug that can fit will also work. The elegant design and color will add so much sophistication to your workstation!

Buy this purple mug warmer here!

milktea plushie

Photo from Lazada

5. This adorable milk tea plushie is definitely a great addition to your purple workspace and your bedroom. If you want something to cling to when you’re starting to get stressed, this cute milk tea plushie in purple (I assume it’s supposed to be taro milk tea) is a must-have.

Buy this purple milk tea plushie here!

purple headset

Photo from Lazada

4. If you’re also upgrading your headset for all those upcoming virtual meetings, why not get this high-quality purple headset for yourself? It’s got an elegant purple hue that, I think, is one of a kind. You can also trust that this brand only offers the best quality headsets.

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purple neonlight

Photo from Lazada

3. This neon “BAR” light will definitely add a different vibe to your mood lighting. If you want extra lighting for your workstation that will make you look forward to the weekend, this is a great piece to have.

Buy this purple neon light here!

purple postits

Photo from Lazada

2. The best way to keep track of your tasks and deadlines while working from home is with these cute purple sticky note pads! This set includes different sizes of beautifully designed sticky notes, making it super versatile for your every need.

Buy this purple sticky notepad set here!

purple chair

Photo from Lazada

1. To complete your purple-themed workstation, you’ll need this purple computer chair. This one has a purple mesh back and a comfortable cushion seat. It will look great in your purple-themed workstation, for sure!

Buy this purple computer chair here!

It’s surely going to be an awesome experience to build your very own purple workstation with these starting items. Don’t forget to share photos of your purple home office with us!

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