15 Local Influencer Couples Who Are Relationship Goals

Anyone who’s ever been on Instagram would be accustomed to looking at the lives of models and influencers through rose-colored lenses and VSCO filters, but these couples proved that there’s one thing you can’t fake, and that’s love.

Here are 15 of the most enviable couples on Instagram who have us saying “#goals!”

Jim Bacarro and Saab Magalona

Musicians Jim and Saab once claimed they will save the world and they are doing so in ways they know how—supplying our mornings with entertaining Wake Up with Jim and Saab podcast episodes, making music with their band Cheats, and satisfying our need for daily photos of firstborn Pancho and Pomeranian Joey Bear.

Theirs is a love story that seemingly came out of a movie, where college acquaintances who couldn’t stand each other turned into friends and then eventually lovers. Now, they’re happily married for nearly five years and are parents of two.

Miggy Cruz and Laureen Uy

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Laureen and Miggy are just one of those couples who unfailingly put a smile on our faces when we see them together online or in real life. Perhaps that’s the magic of witnessing their unfiltered behind-the-gram life on the Blogger Jowas account. Whatever it is they’re up to, whether it’s attending events or traveling the world, they always make sure to inject the fun and laughter—if not on their photos, then on their silly captions.

Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico

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Solenn and Nico’s relationship is one of the most entertaining ones we’ve been blessed with witnessing on our Instagram feed. How can we not subscribe to Nico’s antics when talking about his “Wifezilla” and the “Bullied Husbands Club”?

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What fans love about their relationship the most is that Nico always uses his platform to empower his wife and promote respect for all women. And also, even after being married for 3 years, the two still look at each other with all the love in the world.

“I knew he was The One when I saw myself falling in love with him throughout the different stages of our life together. He’s someone I can love over and over again,” Solenn said about Nico in a blogpost.

Now that the couple is expecting a baby girl soon, we can’t wait to see what kind of content the two will be putting out!

Wil Dasovich and Alodia Gosiengfiao

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When social media celebrities Wil and Alodia announced that they were officially a couple, fans could hardly contain their excitement. Rumors had already been circulating back then when Alodia frequently paid Wil a visit in California where he underwent treatment for his colon cancer, but they only managed to confirm it on February 2018 through separate YouTube vlogs.

Since then, they’ve done amazing and funny collabs on their YouTube channels and gaming streams. Try viewing some of their couple posts on Instagram—you’re guaranteed to become a Wilodia fan too afterward!

Camille Co and Joni Koro

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Behind the impeccable filters of fashion and travel blogger Camille Co’s Instagram feed is a husband who will gladly carry all her bags, sit on the ground, and be her walking Go Pro just to get that perfect shot!

Joni and Camille are undeniably one of everyone’s favorite influencer couples because not only are they beautiful together but they’re always entertaining us with Blogger Jowas content. Camille also once made a joke that Joni will pass an application to the #BulliedHusbandsClub because of his frequent “jowalalay” duties.

Aside from being content creators, the Husband-and-Wife tandem are also business partners of Scandinavian furniture stores Curio Cavern and Nordik Concept.

Xian Lim and Kim Chiu

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It’s hard not to feel the kilig when it comes to this well-loved showbiz love team! It hasn’t been a year since the two admitted to the public that they are officially boyfriend and girlfriend but the sparks they make whenever they’re together make it seem like they’ve been a couple for so long. According to Kim, what makes their relationship strong is that they always maintain constant communication and find opportunities to spend quality time despite their busy schedules.

It fills us with happiness when we spot them sharing sweet and intimate moments off-camera—like Kim running to Xian after winning the Star Magic All-Star Volleyball Game or Xian inviting Kim to dance crazily with him at the ABS-CBN Ball 2019. And who can ever get enough of their KimXi travelogues on Kim’s YouTube channel? We definitely can’t!

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Kimi Juan and Thomas Caja

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Travel photographers Kimi Juan and Thomas Caja are a match made in Heaven—drawn to each other from their mutual love for exploring the world and taking beautiful pictures. When they aren’t inspiring us with shots from their latest getaway, they’re warming our hearts with glimpses of their relationship. Over one year married, the couple continues to make people fall more in love with uncovering hidden gems around the world and in the Philippines.

Cong Velasquez and Viy Cortez

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From fangirl to girlfriend—that’s how the story of CongViy started. Cong, the comedian behind Cong TV, was the one who influenced Viy to start her own YouTube channel, and now they’re a fan favorite among Filipinos. They know just how to amuse their audience with their humor and relatable content.

Kryz Uy and Slater Young

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Kryz and Slater could most likely be the top-of-mind answer when people think of influencer couples. Slater grew to fame after winning Pinoy Big Brother and acting in a few shows on ABS-CBN while Kryz was a household name to those who kept up with the fashion and travel blogging scene. Their relationship was one that didn’t start off as smoothly as many might think, as revealed in their wedding vows—Kryz kept finding reasons not to like Slater, while Slater had initially been thrown off by Kryz being “maarte.”

But as their story goes, they eventually find that their love is one that will last and would go on to officially tie the knot on February 2019 in their hometown, Cebu.

They never fail to enchant us with their romantic couple photos on Instagram. It’s no wonder why they’re considered the millennial celebrity couple to watch out for.

Moira Dela Torre and Jason Marvin

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Moira and Jason’s relationship was one that seemingly came out of a fairytale. They captured the hearts of fans everywhere the moment they revealed their engagement—unforgettable, as it was shown in the music video of Moira’s hit single Tagpuan.

Moira and Jason’s story will make you believe that a blessed kind of love will come to you eventually if you have faith and patience. Their duets tug at our heartstrings, their sweet Instagram photo captions fill us with kilig, and their strong support for one another’s endeavors proves to us exactly how a healthy marriage should be.

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Mikael Daez and Megan Young

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It’s hard not to love Mikael Daez and Megan Young as a couple when they’re always posting cute and silly snaps of each other on their social media. Whether he’s making fun of Megan’s fear of heights or sharing her unflattering photos, Mikael always knows how to prove to everyone that his Beauty Queen is just like us—quirky, laughs out loud, and is obsessed with food and gaming.

Anyone who likes to see this side of their relationship more would be able to do so on Mikael’s YouTube vlog, where he consistently posts videos of their travels around the world, or even through Megan’s Facebook gaming streams.

Jericho Rosales and Kim Cam Jones

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Many would agree that Kim and Echo are one of the most beautiful couples to ever exist in our lifetime. By “beautiful,” we mean it inside and out, because not only are they both physically gorgeous, but they are also shaking the nation through their awe-inspiring advocacies—Jericho with his efforts to fight for environmental causes and Kim with her collaborations with small designers for sustainable fashion brand The Fore.

Although they aren’t as showy with their affections for one another on social media, you can feel the genuine love they share for one another in every candid snapshot from their travels, a message of support for each other’s endeavors, and the way they speak about their relationship in media interviews.

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Mia Ayesa and Mark Nicosia

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Celebrity DJ couple Mia and Mark can make the largest of crowds dance to the beat of their high-octane music performances.

Their love story didn’t begin like a storybook romance, however. In an interview with PhilStar in 2014, Mark even admits that he gave Mia a hard time at Looper Beat Academy (now under Bounce Electronic Music & DJ School) of which he was the head instructor plainly because of the fact that Mia being a model-turned-DJ didn’t sit well with him.

But as Mia’s serious passion for DJ-ing became more apparent, she and Mark started to naturally gravitate towards each other. Now, they’re gracing events and entertaining parties as the powerful force behind Those Damn Nerds.

Killa Kush and Annika Yañez

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Social media content creator Killa Kush and her filmmaker girlfriend Annika Yañez are a complete delight to watch. Their chemistry radiates in their couple vlogs and they’re always unafraid to show each other off whenever they can.

No one could have guessed that their love story began with flat-out rejection (twice). It was only after years of trying to attract Annika’s attention that Kush finally got the girl of her dreams in the end. Now, they’re enjoying their life traveling together, partying together, and taking care of their lovable mini bull terrier Target together.

Rei Germar and Migy Romulo

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Fans instantly fell in love with YouTube content creator Rei Germar and her boyfriend Migy Romulo ever since the two did a makeup challenge on Rei’s channel. Now, they’re one of the well-loved social media couples who keep stealing our hearts with their sweet Twitter exchanges, Instagram photos, and couple vlogs! Now five years strong, Rei and Migy continue to prove that a successful relationship lies in mutual understanding, support, and care for one another’s happiness.

Who’s your favorite influencer couple? Share them in the comments below!

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