15 Games to Spice Up Your Parties this Christmas Season

Words by Marielle Balmores

Finally, it is that time of the year where every month ends with the syllable ‘-ber’, which only means one thing: Christmas is near!

In the Philippine culture, Christmas season is always seen as a time to spend with the family. For catching up, for celebrating, and just enjoying the company of loved ones.

And what is one great way of spending quality time with family? With games, of course! Here are 15 board games that is sure to bring out the fun (and competitive) side of everyone in the family!

Let’s start small…

15. Exploding Kittens

You can’t deny the cuteness of little kittens. Not unless they go mad of course and BAM, they explode! In Exploding Kittens, you can steal, attack, shuffle, do anything to not draw that dreadful exploding kitten that will throw you out of the game. Make sure you’re the last person alive to win!

14. Organ Attack

Go give your brother gallstones, your sister cystic fibrosis, and your cousin some arrhythmia. In Organ Attack, send your opponents looking for medicine to keep their organs alive while they attack you in revenge. Lose your organs, and you’re out! Possibly a less technical but good glimpse to medical school!

13. Qwinto

What Bingo? Take a hold of your own fate in this game! All you gotta do is roll then write where you place numbers on a sheet to score the best.

12. Cabo

Unicorn power! Seek for the ever elusive unicorn Cabo. Swap, spy, and peek your way to victory. The lower your score is, the higher your chance to win gets! Just draw a card then put it in front of you or discard it for its action. Play quickly so you can play multiple rounds!

11. Keyforge

From the same creator of Magic the Gathering, Richard Garfield, this game makes sure no one gets the same deck of cards nor follows the same system to win. Here, there are 10 houses with different styles of gameplay.

For the true gamer lovers, here are games taken up a notch!

10. Tapestry

Let’s go back in history, where numerous civilizations were built, except now you can make your own. Take control in advancing the fields of technology, science, military, and exploration. With your tapestry cards, you can change the rules in your civilization. Express, impress, and most importantly, win!

9. Wingspan

If you’re into studying animals or specifically birds, this may interest you! Here, you can act as a researcher, bird watcher, ornithologist or collector, exploring ways to attract and discover the best birds in your field of wildlife preserves. Each bird extends a chain of powerful combinations in one of your habitats.

8. Scythe

Set in an alternate historical period of the 1920’s, Scythe is an engine-building, asymmetric, competitive board game where farming and war is common. Face a lot of broken hearts, rusted gears, innovation and valor too. Its unique setting, action selection, and engine-building makes Scythe currently one of the top games of modern boardgaming.

7. Root

Allowing 2-4 players, Root is an adventurous asymmetrical battle game competing for control of the vast forest. With many different roles to control and play, such as technology-loving cat, a territorial Eyrie, an Alliance who loves politics, or the lonely Vagabond who does everything to complete his quest, it’s a unique experience for everyone. Root features an unparalleled level of interaction and replayability.

6. Architects of the West Kingdom

Play as an architect in attempts to receive high marks from the king in order to maintain your nobility in the Carolingian Empire. All that is very much tested is your moral choices, which will be given final judgment in the end. Don’t do anything morally wrong if you don’t want consequences. In order to win, construct the building that brings the most victory points.

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