14 Beautiful Celebrities Over 40 That Are Ageless

A lot of people are scared about the idea of getting old. They think that their looks fade, and they slowly lose relevance in the world. But this couldn’t be further from the truth — after all, who says that you’re beautiful only when you’re young? It’s all about how you approach aging that makes the difference. While genes play a huge role in keeping your youthful looks, a healthy lifestyle, great style, and positive outlook go a long way too.

These celebrities, most of them moms, defy the expectations that come with age, and are just as hot as ever!

Ina Raymundo

Ina Raymundo 2

Ina Raymundo 1

Instagram: @inaraymundo95

Now best adored by fans on social media for her Instagram workouts and toned body, Ina Raymundo burst onto the local showbiz scene in the 90’s after appearing in a beer commercial.  She also starred alongside Andrew E in the 1995 film “Bikini Watch”, but things have hardly changed two decades later! The 41-year-old is happily married and a proud mom to five kids.

Cherie Gil

Cherie Gil 1

Cherie Gil 2

Instagram: @macherieamour

We may be used to seeing acting fiend Cherie Gil portray antagonistic characters on TV, but there’s just something about Cherie Gil that just makes you do a double take. The 54-year-old actress comes from a long list of Eigenmanns, and has three children: Jay, Bianca, and Raph.

Agot Isidro

Agot Isidro 1

Agot Isidro 2

Instagram: @agotisidro

Singer-actress Agot Isidro has definitely come a long way since her Oka Tokat days, yet she’s still as lovely as ever, even at 51. Agot keeps herself active and shows a liking for hiking, as seen on her Instagram.

Eula Valdes

Eula Valdes 1

Eula Valdes 2

Instagram: @eulavaldes

Amor Powers is still as stunning as ever! Although we still regularly see the 48-year-old actress on our TV screens, there’s no denying the sex appeal Eula has. We love how edgy she is and that she’s unafraid to try new things and develop her style, giving her that youthful confidence over her peers.

Jean Garcia

Jean Garcia 1

Jean Garcia 2

Instagram: @chic2garcia

Clearly the best thing about Pangako Sa’Yo was the banter between Eula Valdez and Jean Garcia, who played Claudia Buenavista. At 48, Jean Garcia is just as sultry as ever. She’s now a grandma to Mori, Jennica’s daughter with husband Alwyn Uytingco.

Lucy Torres

Lucy Torres 1

Lucy Torres 2

Instagram: @lucytgomez

Actress-turned-politician Lucy Torres-Gomez was a fresh-faced ingenue when she appeared in a 1993 Lux shampoo commercial, alongside future husband Richard. The Leyte representative is still stunning even at 42!

Alice Dixson

Alice Dixson 2

Alice Dixson 1

Instagram: @alicedixson

I think we can all agree that Alice Dixson took our breaths away when she landed an FHM cover a few years ago, showing off her physique. The 48-year-old actress seems to really defy age.

Dawn Zulueta

Dawn Zulueta 1

Dawn Zulueta 2

Instagram: @dawnzulueta

Dawn has always been adored by fans for her sweet looks and girl-next-door image, and not much has changed since she was a showbiz newcomer! We still get super kilig whenever she and Richard Gomez are teamed up onscreen like it’s still 1991. The lovely 48-year-old actress has two children, Ayisha Madlen and Jacobo Antonio.

Angel Aquino

Angel Aquino 1

Angel Aquino 2

Instagram: @imangelaquino

We remember former model and host Angel Aquino for her top-rated lifestyle shows such as F! and Us Girls. Nowadays, the 44-year-old keeps herself busy with working out and acting in shows such as Ang Probinsyano.

Tweetie de Leon

Tweetie de Leon 1

Tweetie de Leon 2

Instagram: @insteegee

Thanks to a healthy lifestyle, Tweetie looks as youthful and vibrant at ever, even at 50. Although Tweetie has since laid low from the spotlight and focused on designing, she’s still one of the most beautiful people we’ve ever laid our eyes on.

Gretchen Barretto

Gretchen Barretto 2

Gretchen Barretto 1

Instagram: @gretchenbarretto

With flawless skin and a toned body that could rival one in her twenties, Gretchen Barretto is still a goddess even at 47. Even beside her equally beautiful daughter Dominique, she could definitely pass as her sister!

Charlene Gonzales

Charlene Gonzales 1

Charlene Gonzales 2

Instagram: @itsmecharleneg

It’s been 23 years since Charlene rose to fame as the country’s host representative to the 1994 Miss Universe, yet she’s still so timelessly beautiful. The actress-host is now 43 and has twins, Atasha and Andres, with husband Aga Muhlach.

Miriam Quiambao

Miriam Quiambao 2

Miriam Quiambao 1

Instagram: @miriamq888

Just like Charlene, Miriam Quiambao first captured our hearts as Miss Universe-Philippines — who can forget that total #win moment when she slipped onstage at Miss Universe, stood up, and finished her walk? Miriam has hardly changed since her pageant days, even at 42.

Sunshine Cruz

Sunshine Cruz 2

Sunshine Cruz 1

Instagram: @sunshinecruz718

Another member of one of showbiz’s elite families, it’s no surprise that Sunshine Cruz has seriously good looks. Yet the actress proves that 40 is the new 20, and can still rock a bikini like nobody’s business!


As these beautiful women prove, age is definitely just a number. That rounds up our list of 14 stunning, ageless celebrities. Let us know if we missed anyone!

Who else would you like to see on the list? Let us know in the comments!