13 Reasons to ‘Hate the Gym’ shared by Ross Butler on his Birthday

VAVAVOOM. It’s not just our favorite redhead and burger lover who’s been turning heads since Riverdale came out – but also another (now former, sniff) Riverdale character – Reggie Mantle, played by Ross Butler in Season 1.

Also popularly known as playing Zachary Dempsey in the Netflix Original Series ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’, the Asian-American actor just recently turned 27 last May 17th and he took it to his Instagram Story how he was going to celebrate his birthday. If you’ve been following him on social media, you may have guessed what he does behind reel-ity – yes, by hitting the gym.

The post shows thirteen different exercises that have to be done with twenty seven reps.

‘Thirteen’ equates to the ‘reasons’ (based on the television series he currently stars in) while as the ‘twenty seven’ reps constitutes to his age, twenty seven.

He also uploaded a post-workout photo of him at the gym, sarcastically thanking his trainers.

That killer workout aint enough for you to kill us with your looks, Ross! Happy birthday! 😛

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