13 Cute and Cuddly Pets that Will Make You Go “Awww”

A lot of people believe that pets are a good way to boost your mood. If you need an instant energizer but do not have a pet, we got you! Here are 13 cute and chubby pets from the WIM Squad that will surely brighten up your day. We have to warn you that the next few photos will make you want to hug and pinch your computer monitor!

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13. These cute and chubby puppies are about to bring joy to their new family (Photo from Caryl Andrea Dela Rosa)

Their momma must be so proud!

12. Cesar the ginger cat (Photo from PhoebeMaureen Lucas)

According to PhoebeMaureen, Cesar is already 13 years old in human years. That’s more than a decade filled with good food!

11. You can’t say no to Fur Ong’s googly eyes (Photo from Anna Angela)

Whether or not you’re a cat person, there’s no denying that this furball is adorable!

10. Peanut is probably thinking about food (Photo from Anna Angela)

We wonder if that big belly is full of peanuts.

9. Mootrax the well-dressed cat (Photo from Yno Quejas Cela-Leonoras)

According to Mootrax’s owner, he’s not fat, he’s just fluffy! One thing is for sure, though–he definitely looks so adorable in that Hawaiian shirt.

More pictures of Mootrax because we know you can’t get enough of his cute costumes!

8. Is it a loaf or a Pug? (Photo from Trish SG)

This pug is out there looking like a snacc (snacc = a loaf of bread).

7. When In Manila’s resident cats (@wimpets)

Of course, WIM’s very own cats deserve a spot on the list. These two adorable felines will surely put a smile on your face. Just like they did with ours!

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6. Who says chihuahuas are supposed to be tiny? (Photo from Hermie Clamor)

For a small dog, this chi definitely has a big belly!

5. Only a few things are fluffier than this Pom (Photo from Di Lino)

The two empty food bowls explain this tiny Pomeranian’s chubbiness!

4. This sleeping beauty (Photo from Nitnit Mo)

We’re betting that this dog is dreaming about food.

3. This fluffy puppy makes us want to hug it right now (Photo from Almira Mae M. Comoso)

Who can ever say no to that adorable face?

2. This cute Dachsund is definitely melting our hearts (Photo from Jojo Anthony Rodenir Santos)

One jumbo hot dog coming up!

1. What’s cuter than a fluffy dog? One that’s snuggling a teddy bear! (Photo from Yosh Milan)

Raise your hand if you wish you were cuddling both of them!

We bet you weren’t able to finish this article without saying “awww!” at least once!

Which pet is your favorite? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!


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