121 Grille and Restaurant: Great Food and Great Times for You and Your Barkada

One of the best things about Filipino culture is we celebrate pretty much everything. From birthdays to office promotions, from reunions to simple get togethers, we often celebrate these with the closest of our friends and family. Another thing we, Filipinos, love to do is to sing our lungs out to timeless classics and upbeat pop music. If you and your friends share these same sentiments and are trying to find a place where you and your barkada can have great food and great times, how about giving 121 Grille and Restaurant a visit?

121 - 9

121 is well known for their amazing Filipino cuisine and lively ambiance that’s really worth the bucks. Paying them a visit is fairly easy because they currently have 5 branches. They have 2 in Makati in Salcedo Village and Pasong Tamo, 2 in Taguig located at BGC and McKinley Hill, and another in E. Rodriguez in Quezon City.

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When you get there and you’re with a party, make sure to get a “canta room”. These rooms are equipped with videokes that boast a wide song library. These rooms also create an intimate ambiance and comfortably fit 8 to 12 people so you can party with your barkada all you want.

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What’s even better is that these rooms are very affordable. They often have promos so you’ll surely enjoy singing with lots of delicious food and fine drinks.

Here’s some of what we have tried at 121.


121 - 2

Don’t let the picture fool you. This is a behemoth of a meal. It’s good for 4-6 people!

This is a great starter for your barkada. This mountain of chips is loaded with ground meat and lots and lots of cheese and drizzled with cheese sauce. Truly a bliss for a starter of next meals.

Crispy Pata

121 - 6


Yeah. That’s my initial reaction when this dish entered the room. It’s so big, it barely fits the large serving plate. This delectably sinful dish is a must have when you’re at 121. The golden crispy skin complements the tender meat. This also must be paired with their signature 121 sauce. This sauce is a great complement for most of their dishes. This is a vinegar based sauce so it refreshes the palate when you bite into the crispy pata.

Lumpiang Shanghai

121 - 1

A favorite Filipino staple. Their lumpiang shanghai is great for sharing. What I love about this is its size. Unlike the regular lumpiang shanghai, this one is not thin so when you bite the crispy skin, you’ll bite into a meaty filling that’s to die for. Dip it in their sweet and sour sauce to heighten its flavor.

Steamed and Fried Siomai

121 - 3

Another great dish for sharing. The siomai here is very savory. You also have an option to get steamed, fried, or both on the same platter.

121 - 7

Of course, you have to dip it in chili garlic if you want that kick.

Grilled Liempo

121 - 4

Okay, this is actually a solo meal so if you’re out for lunch alone, you can also visit 121. This is a very good liempo dish. The smokiness of the meat, the flavor of the marinade, and paired with their 121 sauce is the perfect combo for any meal for lunch or dinner. The meat is very juicy and you can sense a hint of sweetness that is very Pinoy in our BBQs.

121 Scandal

121 - 8

This is what we had for a drink. It is served in a fish bowl to put in the mix of rum, sprite, mint, lemon and lime. It’s about 2 liters so make sure you share it with other people.

121 is a great place to round up your barkada and enjoy each other’s company. To make sure you guys enjoy your visit, 121 has a line up of promos for their anniversary in April!

  • Jack Coke for 121 pesos for the whole month of April
  • Rail Drinks for 12 pesos on April 22
  • Free Rum Coke on their Anniversary Party at McKinley Branch (7PM)

They also have their Quiz Night Championship: Clash of the Champions on June 24

Make sure to follow and check their site and social media accounts to make reservations and see their promos!

121 Grille and Restaurant

Website: www.121resto.com/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/121resto/


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