12 Upcoming Disney Movies That Are Getting Us Super Excited!

Marvel isn’t the only one making me giddy and excited about upcoming movies; Disney is, too! Here are 12 Disney Movies we Disney fanatics simply cannot wait to see:

12 Upcoming Disney Movies That Are Getting Us Super Excited!

Beauty and the Beast – March 2017

When it was revealed that Emma Watson would be playing Belle in Disney’s live-action movie of Beauty and the Beast, the Internet was abuzz. The mere thought of the beloved Hermione Granger as Belle made me smile in particular because she seemed to be the epitome of the character. (Or maybe that’s because Hermione is just as bookish as Belle.)

Emma Watson Belle Beauty and the Beast Disney movie

Well, a few days ago, a clip from the movie was apparently revealed at Disney’s D3 and apparently, it showed Emma as Belle walking down the stairs in her trademark yellow gown!!! Oh, what I would’ve given to be there to watch it!!!

Toy Story 4 – June 2017

Who didn’t cry in Toy Story 3 (partly because of the Andy and his toys scene at the end and partly because we thought it would be the last Toy Story movie ever)? Well, despite the last movie being the perfect ending to the trilogy, it turns out it wasn’t just a trilogy! Yes, we can expect more as the toys will be back!

Toy Story 4 Disney Pixar movie

Toy Story 4 revolves around Woody’s love story with Bo Peep and we cannot wait! Since it sounds like more of a spin-off or prequel than a sequel (Bo Peep wasn’t in the last movie for depressing reasons, remember?), I think it’s forgivable that they are adding yet another Toy Story movie to their roster. What do you think?

Finding Dory – June 2016

Another spin-off to a beloved Disney movie is Finding Dory – and I don’t have any qualms about this one. After all, Dory brought about most of the humour and entertainment in the now-12-year-old  movie Finding Nemo and I believe Ellen DeGeneres simply cannot do no wrong. (I love her!)

In Finding Dory, Dory finds herself with a bunch of new ocean creatures as she tries to escape an ocean sanctuary facility after getting separated from Marlin and Nemo during the quest to find her forgotten family. My biggest question is: did these characters age? In other words, will we see Nemo and will he be a teenager???

The Incredibles 2 – 2016

The Incredibles are back, too – and we’re pretty confident this group will do a much better job at entertaining us than the Fantastic Four did. (Yes, I’m still bitter.)

incredibles 2 disney movie

Not a lot of details have been released about this movie, but Brad Bird promises we can look forward to a great story.

Cars 3

I admit I was never a big Cars fan, but I know a lot of kids who are, so here’s a chance for them to reunite with the Cars gang again!

cars 3 disney movie

Not a lot of details have been released about this movie, either, but if you liked the first two, it’s safe to say you’ll probably like this one, too. When has Disney ever let us down, after all?

Gigantic – 2018

At first, I thought Disney was going to make a movie about a giant Disney princess. But I was sadly wrong.

gigantic disney movie

Gigantic is Disney’s take on the beloved fairytale of Jack and the Beanstalk – and there’s a cutesy Disney twist: the giant is a giant 11-year-old girl. Is that cute or is that cute?

Read on for more upcoming Disney movies!

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