12 Gift Ideas for Friends Who Love to Cook

Do you have friends who just recently discovered a love for cooking because of the lockdowns? Are there people in your life who kept you well-fed during the past years thanks to their kitchen experiments? Show your appreciation for their cooking talents and generosity this year!

Here are great gift ideas from Lazada that would be perfect for your friends who love to cook:

12. Induction Wok

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Any home cook would love to receive a new pan or pot at any time of the year. And if your friend uses an induction cooker, they would positively enjoy this induction wok. Expect a variety of homecooked fried rice soon! Buy this induction wok here!

11. Colorful Cast Iron Stew Pot

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If you want to give something that offers a fresh twist to something classic, consider these colorful cast iron stew pots. Home cooks can never go wrong with a great cast iron pot or pan. This particular pot comes in a variety of vibrant colors that will make any kitchen livelier. Buy this colorful cast iron stew pot here!

10. Compact Barbeque Grill

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Do your friends love to barbeque? With this compact barbeque grill, you can have grilled meals anytime and anywhere. In a small apartment? No worries, this compact grill can cook your meats just the way you like it—no matter how much space your friend has. Buy this compact barbeque grill here!

9. Multi-functional Cutter

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Home cooks would gladly welcome anything that will make life in the kitchen a lot faster and convenient. That’s why this multifunctional cutter is a great option for a Christmas gift. It can shred, slice, and cut fruits and vegetables in a variety of ways for a variety of dishes. It’s a must-have for any kitchen. Buy this multi-functional fruit and vegetable cutter here!

8. Food Processor

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Food processors also make a lot of cooking steps easier and faster, and it’s something any home cook would love to have in their kitchen. This particular food processor proves to be extra useful thanks to the many functions it has. Buy this food processor here!

7. Crepe Pan

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Do your friends love breakfast and brunch? Give them this crepe pan! They would surely enjoy creating their own crepes with loads of fillings, and we’re pretty sure you can expect an invitation to a brunch buffet at home soon. Buy this crepe pan here!

6. Stand Mixer

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Of course, we can’t forget about the home bakers in our barkada. Anyone who bakes would positively appreciate a stand mixer of this caliber. This stand mixer will make your friend’s Christmas a whole lot sweeter. Buy this stand mixer here!

5. Basic Baking Set

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Is your friend dropping hints that they’d like to start baking? Surprise them with this basic baking set! It already includes most of the things they’ll need to start experimenting with sweet treats and pastries. Buy this basic baking set here!

4. Instant Pot

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If you have friends who love to cook and experiment in the kitchen but they’ve become busier with less time in the kitchen, they’d love this Instant Pot for sure. With its 7-in-1 functions, they can prepare and create amazing dishes in half the time. Buy this Instant Pot here!

3. Fruits & Vegetable Basket

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People who love to cook wouldn’t mind any additional storage in their kitchen. This fruits & vegetable basket has three tiers, providing more than enough space for fresh produce and pantry staples. Plus, the wide opening allows easy access to anything needed. Buy this fruits and vegetable basket here! 

2. Steel Soap

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Here’s something that’s unique and extra useful for anyone who cooks. Steel has been known to remove odors from the hands (like the smell of garlic). So, this steel soap will make sure that your friends’ hands smell fresh and clean even after chopping up those cloves of garlic. Buy this steel soap here!

1. Tabletop Dishwasher

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While home cooks love the hours spent in the kitchen, not everyone loves cleaning up—especially washing the dishes. If you want to splurge on your friend or family this Christmas, consider getting them a tabletop dishwasher! Now, more hours will be spent creating delicious food than on washing dishes. Buy this tabletop dishwasher here!

Which one of these gifts will you be getting for your family and friends this year? Share it with us!

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