10 Unique Things We Love About DeMARS Restaurant in Antipolo

There are more than 10 things to love at DeMARS Restaurant, but we are just giving you a sneak peek of what you can expect from this newly opened restaurant in Antipolo City. Literally, you can see what’s cooking on the right side of the entrance.


Inside and out, DeMARS Restaurant embodies Chef Demar Regresado’s mettle as a restaurateur and chef. It is his proprietary brainchild which distills 37 years of experience in London. He took his culinary expertise close to his home and recreated the European experience right in the middle of Sumulong’s highway active nightlife spot.

With the help of Chef Harrison Brown, he created the menu that we had the privilege of sampling.


Here are ten things that you can expect when you visit DeMARS Restaurant for the first time.


10 Things to Check Out at DeMARS Restaurant in Antipolo City

10.  Excellent Chefs and Hospitable Staff


The hustle and bustle of motorists by the highway did not hinder the staff from welcoming us into the utmost comfort. As we sat down, we enjoyed good conversation and had the privilege of enjoying something that clearly unfolded out of the chefs’ hard work and love for food.


9. The British Experience


Who needs a European passport for a gastronomic feast when you have DeMARS help you get more than one serving of European deliciousness? The ambience at DeMARS is heavily inspired by the chefs’ experiences from working in Europe and it’s very easy on the eyes.


8. Fine Drinks

Although DeMARS is located along the nightlife hub of Sumulong Highway, they also offer breakfast and lunch main courses. If you’re a drinker, the chefs highly recommend the macadamia nut flavored beer and Chinese chai thai.



7. Fishcake


Another one of the chef’s favorites, the fishcake is made up of salmon and other organic ingredients taken fresh from their suppliers in the nearby areas. Most of the ingredients required of British food are adapted in it, except when it’s really unavailable here in the Philippines.


6. Beef Lasagna


Delicately plated, their beef lasagna has just the right amount of sweetness that will make you come back for more.