10 Types of Teachers You Will Never Forget

Teaching is one of the most underrated but powerful professions in the world. It has the ability to empower a generation and impact young minds to make a better society and community. This October, as we celebrate World’s Teacher Day, don’t forget to appreciate all of the teachers who inspired you to pursue excellence and to turn your failures into success.

10 Types of Teachers You Will Never Forget

10. The Legend


They are hardcore and respected by most of the teachers. They’re as old as your school and they have already heard all of the possible alibis students have given on why they are late. They are very particular when it comes to attendance. They adore pushing you to your limits and will enable you to overcome the impossible, such as not sleeping for a week and memorizing 100 pages overnight. There are only 2 rules in their class: No.1 – They are always right and No.2 – if they are wrong, go back to rule no. 1.

YOU WILL NEVER FORGET THIS TEACHER BECAUSE: they made you realize that good things take time, so work hard for it.

9. Godzilla


You won’t enjoy your student life until you meet the giant. This type of teacher is a candidate for the next urban legend. They are the teachers you should not mess with. If they say that your thesis has to be passed next week, that is final and non-negotiable. If you don’t, just throw your paper away.

YOU WILL NEVER FORGET THIS TEACHER BECAUSE: they will make you realize that life is tough, will be tough, and will always be tough, so BE TOUGHER!

8. The Sweetheart


Their whole class is unbelievably tidy, attentive and participative because they are good-looking. This is the type of a teacher that will smile, even if it’s obvious that the student doesn’t understand what the topic is all about.

YOU WILL NEVER FORGET THIS TEACHER BECAUSE: they taught you that a beautiful face is not enough; you also need a beautiful mind.

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7. The Great Sensei


A teacher that will never leave hopeless and weak students behind, even if other teachers think that some students are too stupid to learn anything. They keep on saying that grades don’t measure your intelligence and that the real battle starts when you graduate. They are inspirational, cool and witty without even trying.

YOU WILL NEVER FORGET THIS TEACHER BECAUSE: they taught you that it is okay to fail as long as you’re willing to get up again.

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6. The Ghost


You will only meet this professor 5 times in a semester. The first time is for a formal orientation with basic information about the class. The second time is to tell you that your midterm exam will be next week with a short lecture. The third time is when you actually take your midterm exam (with test questions that are out of this world). The fourth is when they miraculously attend the class to teach, but then announce an emergency class suspension after 5 minutes due to stormy weather. And the last meeting, and the most touching one, is during your final exam when they tell you how much they will miss your class.

YOU WILL NEVER FORGET THIS TEACHER BECAUSE: they made you realize that you don’t have to complicate your life if you don’t have to.

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