10 Types of Teachers You Will Never Forget

5. The Clown


This teacher is popular for turning traditional class discussions to a comedy bar with their punch lines, impersonations and green jokes. Every meeting in their class is made up of 40% sarcasm, 15% unbelievable stories, 20% hilarious impersonations of the urban legends, 20% theories about how little you can use with what you learned from school when you graduate and 5% advertising for a free admission in his special class on how to make a girl say yes in 1 hour.

YOU WILL NEVER FORGET THIS TEACHER BECAUSE: they taught you that life is too short to be serious all the time.

4. The “Dear Ate Charo”



Students know about this teacher’s entire childhood and love life. They have the ability to connect the topic on quantum physics to their early days as a student and easily forget that they already shared their life story 10 times before. This type of teacher is an exemplar of wisdom on how to win in life against all odds.

YOU WILL NEVER FORGET THIS TEACHER BECAUSE: they taught you to enjoy and cherish the little things in life.

3. Einstein


This is the teacher who is a walking scientific calculator. A teacher that is passionate in their subject and challenges students to work harder. Blinking or looking away in their class is a mortal sin because when you look back, everything in the blackboard is no longer what it once was.

YOU WILL NEVER FORGET THIS TEACHER BECAUSE: they taught you the importance of having a brain and how to use it.

2. The Mom

#2 types of teacher

This teacher is your second mom. She is always there to encourage you and to bring out the best in you. This is the teacher whom you can share your struggles with without the fear of being judged.

YOU WILL NEVER FORGET THIS TEACHER BECAUSE: they taught you that teaching is not all about training students, but also about guiding them in the right path.

1. The Coach


This teacher defies the norms and standards. They believe that education is more than boxing the student in the four sides of the classroom. This is the teacher that believes that it’s not all about grades, scores and exams. They always reminds you to keep looking and questioning, to never settle and to pursue value more than rewards.

YOU WILL NEVER FORGET THIS TEACHER BECAUSE: they taught you to pursue excellence, not success.

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