10 Things To Do in Manila on a Sunday

10 Things To Do in Manila on a Sunday


10 Things To Do in Manila on a Sunday 3


Sundays are best spent doing nothing. After a stressful week at school or at work, it’s great to have a day where it’s acceptable to stay in bed, read a good book, or watch a movie. But because Sundays are meant for idle time, some people get bored. The itch to do something is strongest during Sunday because there’s nothing to do. Worry not, because we compiled a great lineup of what you can do during Sundays in Manila.

Here are our top 10:



Bringing Classy Back The Manila Hotel To Undergo Renovations (56)


10. Go on a guided tour of the Manila Hotel for free

We all know the Manila Hotel as the hotel where General Douglas MacArthur, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, and Ernest Hemingway stayed when they were in Manila. And despite undergoing renovations this year, the hotel is stuck back in time, Stepping into the hotel is like going back to the 1940’s. And you don’t even have to book a room or dine at the famous Champagne Room to experience it. Every month, the hotel holds the free My Manila Hotel Tour, which allows visitors a guided tour to some of the scenic and historic parts of the hotel, including the MacArthur Suite, the Archives Room, and the Champagne Room. But you can go any time and ask the Guest Services team to give you a guided tour. Their uniform changes each day, so make sure to keep an eye out for that!





9. Have a lunch buffet at Chef Tatung’s

 If Sunday is your cheat day, the best place to indulge is at Chef Tatung’s. Tucked in the quiet suburbs of Taguig (in Acacia Estates to be exact), it is a pleasant surprise to the tummy. Unlike other Filipino restaurants that make twists on Pinoy classics, Chef Tatung sticks to traditional methods and uses the best ingredients, making each dish the best it can be. He also makes everything from scratch. Every Sunday, he has his lunch buffet, where you can pig out on favorites like the lumpiang ubod in flavored crepes, the honey-glazed slow-roasted lechon belly, lechon Cebu, the warm Tsoknut chocolate cake, and the pichi-pichi with quezo de bola. One thing to also watch out for is the adobo sampler, which has four variations of the dish: yellow chicken adobo, derived from the Batangas way of cooking with it with ginger; the chicken-pork adobong Ilonggo with annatto seeds and liver; the lengua adobo with olive oil, roasted garlic, and green olives; and the adobo Bisaya, which was marinated in garlic, vinegar, and bayleaves, and slow-cooked in lard.



Mind Museum 6


8. Rediscover science at the Mind Museum

The Mind Museum has made museum-going fun and interactive for both kids and adults alike. At the same time, you get to learn a lot of scientific facts. The world-class museum is divided into five galleries, each focusing on a certain topic. There’s Atom, where you can learn about particles; Earth, where you can expand your knowledge on the world’s history; Universe, where the focus is on space; Life, which tackles the human body; and Technology, where you can study tools and gadgets. There are even life-sized exhibits, the most popular being the T-rex fossil. Going to the Mind Museum is like playing with a purpose. There are games, exhibits, and fun stuff to try! Sunday is the best day to go because their all day passes are cheaper.





7. Party at B-Side’s Irie Sundays at The Collective

If you’re too hardcore to rest on a Sunday, the only place to party on this day is at B-Side for Irie Sundays. Held since 2010, the night has dub, roots, ska, rocksteady, rub-a-dub, lovers rock, reggae, and dancehall from DJs and musicians. If you want good vibes before you start the work week, you know where to go. And it’s free!  



 10 Things To Do in Manila on a Sunday

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6. Shop at the Legazpi Sunday Market

The Legazpi Sunday Market is one of the most famous weekend markets in the country, and for good reason. It’s home to unique finds, whether it’s food, art, fashion, crafts, and everything in between. From fresh produce, organic pastries, and top-of-the-line meats, the 138 booths that set up every Sunday at the corner of Legazpi and Rufino Streets in Legazpi Village have something for everyone. It’s mostly known for its food choices, many of which you can’t find anywhere else. If you want to try a new food experience, this is where it’s at. The Legazpi Sunday Market is open from 8AM to 2PM.