10 Things To Do in Manila on a Sunday



Pasyal Sundays


5. Relive history at Pasyal Sundays

If you want to step back in time without going to a hotel, why not check out Viva Manila’s Pasyal Sundays? Held at the historic Intramuros in Manila, this once a month event promotes local artists, performers, and neighborhood businesses, which boosts Old Manila’s culture. The participating businesses each have their own gimmick, so make this your monthly Sunday habit! To let visitors fully experience the Old Manila culture, cars won’t be allowed during Pasyal Sundays. Check out Viva Manila’s Facebook page to know when the next one is!



The National Museum of the Philippines


4. Visit the National Museum

When was the last time you visited the National Museum on a whim? The better question is, have you ever been to the National Museum? If you want to know just how talented Filipinos are, book a trip to the country’s national museum to understand the depth of Manila’s finest artists. Now’s the best time to go because they recently renovated its interiors by repainting the walls and rearranging the exhibits. What hasn’t changed is the brilliance captured by creative Filipinos. The highlight of the National Museum is Juan Luna’s Spoliarium, but don’t miss out the many gems from other artists like Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo, Fernando C. Amorsolo, Victorio Edades, Vicente Manansala, Ang Kiukok, HR Ocampo, Botong Francisco, and many more. There’s a reason why this building is called the national museum of the Philippines. Find out why.  



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3. Attend a free yoga class at Legazpi Park

The point of Sundays is to relax. That way, when you go back to school or work, you’re completely recharged and free of the Monday blues. And what could be more relaxing than yoga? Free yoga? Every Sunday, Manila Jiva founder and Jivamukti Yoga certified teacher Nancy Sy holds a free morning yoga class at the Legazpi Active Park. The event is called Free-For-All-Yoga, and all you need to bring is a yoga mat, comfortable clothes, and water. Yoga can be done at home or at studios, but nothing beats calming your mind to the sound of the rustling of trees and the chirping of birds.



 10 Things To Do in Manila on a Sunday 2

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2. Read a book at The Reading Club

If you’re too cheap to buy a new book (but trust us, it’s an investment), head on over to The Reading Club, located at Balagtas Street, Barangay La Paz, Makati. It is home to hundreds (even thousands) of books, in a little shop on the sidewalk. The place is teeming with novels, which you can borrow for free. In exchange, Nanie Guanlao (the owner), encourages you to drop a few books so others can read it, too. The Reading Club is open every day, but Sundays are the best time to go, because the best way to spend a day is to get lost in a book. 



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1. Stay in and spend time with the family

The best way to spend a Sunday in Manila is to stay in and spend time with the folks. Because you were busy during the week studying or working, and you  spent your Saturday with your friends, it’s time for a little rest and relaxation with the folks. Get some food, some movies, and curl in bed with your loved ones. A happy home means a happy life, so it’s a great idea to dedicate one day to your ohana. But hey, if your family is just as adventurous as you are, take them to the nine places we mentioned above! 


What do you do on Sundays? Share your ideas below!


10 Things To Do in Manila on a Sunday