10 Stylish Kitchen Essentials for Your Aesthetic Kitchen

Now that we’ve reached the middle of the year, some of us may be planning to update a few things in the house. Some of us (including me), might also just be looking for a reason to start online shopping.

Here are a few kitchen items you can add to your Shopee cart for a more aesthetically-pleasing kitchen:

10. 3-piece cookware set with detachable handle

aesthetic cookware set

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This stylish cookware set recently trended on social media with good reason. The set includes three different sizes of pots and pans with an interchangeable handle, making it space-saving and extra convenient. Thanks to the detachable handle, you can also use each pan as a serving dish!

It’s also easy to fall in love with its clean and minimalist design.

Buy this 3-piece cookware set with detachable handle here!

9. Minimalist Induction Cooker

minimalist induction cooker

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You don’t have to settle with the normal-looking stoves and electric cookers that don’t fit in with your kitchen’s aesthetic. This round induction cooker features such a unique and stylish design; it doesn’t even look like an induction stove at all.

This induction cooker will seamlessly fit in with your picturesque pots and pans. This cute cooker will make homecooked meals even more exciting!

Buy this minimalist induction cooker here!

8. Cooking Tools Set

cooking tools

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Having just nice-looking pots and pans in your kitchen isn’t enough. You’ve got to pair them up with kitchen tools and utensils that fit the aesthetic! This set of kitchenware and cooking tools feature white silicon and wooden handles—perfect for your all-white cookware!

The set includes 7 pieces, including a soup ladle, turners, and slotted spoons. It also comes in both white and black, so that you can choose which works best for your kitchen’s aesthetic.

Buy this cooking tools set here!

7. Ceramic Condiments/Oil Bottles

condiments bottles

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With these stylish sauce bottles, you would love to have your oils, soy sauce, vinegar, and other liquid pantry staples on display. No need to hide those unsightly bottles! These gorgeous bottles have such an expensive design that no one would ever think that you’ve got vinegar or cooking oil inside them.

These bottles also come in a variety of sophisticated designs!

Buy these ceramic bottles here!

6. White Trash Bin

trash bin

Photo from Shopee

Just because trash bins hold trash, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t also match the stylish look of your kitchen. This white and wood trash bin will fit perfectly in your aesthetic space!

This trash bin is pretty deep, giving lots of space for kitchen trash. It also has a wide opening that makes it easy for you to throw garbage.

Buy this minimalist trash bin here!

5. Multi-functional Rice Cooker

Rice cooker gaabor

Photo from Shopee

Any Filipino household should have a rice cooker. That doesn’t also mean that you should just get whatever rice cooker is available. This multi-functional rice cooker is efficient and stylish. It features a modern design that is a far cry from the normal ones.

Its multi-functional features also let you steam, make yogurt, bake a cake, and stew your favorite saucy dish.

Buy this 3-L multifunctional rice cooker here!

4. Stainless Steel Storage Jar

steel jars

Photo from Shopee

If you want to make sure that your coffee grounds, flour, oats, sugar, and other pantry staples remain fresh, keep them in these airtight stainless steel jars. They’re moisture-proof and are vacuum sealed, making sure that your food items are safe from the elements.

These storage jars come in stylish white and black colors, and there’s even a stainless steel spoon included to make life easier for you.

Buy these stainless steel storage jars here!

3. Ceramic Plates

minimalist plates

Photo from Shopee

Since you’re updating a few kitchen essentials, you might also want to add new options to your dinnerware. These luxurious ceramic plates would be a great addition. Nothing says “aesthetic” and “luxury” like gold lining around a white ceramic plate.

These minimalist gold and white plates come in 6 inches and 8 inches.

Buy these minimalist ceramic plates here!

2. Stylish Heavy-Duty Aprons


Photo from Shopee

If your kitchen looks good, you also deserve to look and feel good while cooking. These minimalist waterproof aprons will make you feel like both a barista and a famous food vlogger. Wearing a really nice apron can easily change your mood and make you excited about cooking!

This barista-style apron is designed to stay secure on your body while you’re working around the kitchen. These will keep your clothes clean and stain-free, plus, it comes in a variety of stylish colors.

Buy this stylish minimalist apron here!

1. Soap Dispenser

soap dispenser

Photo from Shopee

We can’t forget about the small things in the kitchen! Make your sink look more put together with this minimalist soap dispenser. It comes with a capacity of 500 mL, and it includes a huge yet stylish label that makes sure everyone who uses your sink knows which soap is which.

The simple and straightforward white bottle with a pump will fit perfectly in your aesthetic and minimalist kitchen!

Buy this minimalist soap dispenser here!

What’s your recent budol item? Share it with us!

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