10 “Somethings” For Your Kris Kringle (Plus, Kris Kringle Gift Ideas!)

Exchange gift season is here once again! Just when you thought buying the perfect gifts for everyone was the hardest part, you’re faced with Kris Kringles at the office, at the school, and with your different friend groups.

Running out of Kris Kringle themes to do with your friends and family? Here are 10 “somethings” for your Kris Kringle—plus easy gift ideas for each theme. Happy Christmas gift shopping!

Something nostalgic

nokia phone

Photo from Lazada

Want to take a trip down memory lane with your Kris Kringle buddies? Do a “something nostalgic” theme!

You can unleash everyone’s inner child with childhood candies, like the iconic tattoo bubble gum, or colorful butterfly clips. You can also buy old (Nokia) mobile phones that still work if you want to splurge a bit.

Something you can taste


Photo from Lazada

People always say that you can’t go wrong with giving away good food. If everyone in your group is a  certified foodie, then a “something you can taste” theme is a great choice for your Kris Kringle.

trader joes seasoning

Photo from Lazada

You can give out your favorite desserts such as this made-to-order Tres Leches cake from Wildflour, or interesting ingredients they can add to their favorite dishes such as these seasoning blends from Trader Joe’s.

Something embarrassing to carry in public

cockroach plushie

Photo from Lazada

This just might be one of the most popular Kris Kringle themes simply because it adds extra fun to a simple gift-giving activity! In case you do decide to buy “something embarrassing to carry in public”, you might want to consider giving this cockroach plushie (the bigger the better!) or this portable toilet!

Something practical

whiteboard organizer

Photo from Lazada

You can’t go wrong with a “something practical” Kris Kringle theme, especially if you’re exchanging gifts with your officemates. You may consider giving out something practical for anyone’s daily life such as this 2023 planner, or this 2-in-1 desk organizer and mini whiteboard.

Something small

custom keycap

Photo from Lazada

It will be easy to go home at the end of your Christmas party if your Kris Kringle theme is “something small”. You may opt for something small yet extra useful such as this multi-tool that fits right in your keychain. If your friend group loves all things tech, you can even get a customized keycap.

Something funny

linya linya shirt

Photo from Linya-Linya / Lazada

The sky is essentially the limit when it comes to a “something funny” Kris Kringle theme. You can opt to get something related to an inside joke that you and your group have. You can also get shops to do the funny work for you and get this witty shirt from Linya-Linya.

Something that grows

grow kit

Photo from Lazada

The most obvious “something that grows” gift idea would be a plant or a grow kit for herbs and vegetables. But if you want to get something unexpected (and quite funny), these water-growing Orbeez might be a great way to mess with your friends.

Something long and hard

back scratcher

Photo from Lazada

This theme may sound a bit naughty at first, but there are actually a lot of practical gifts you can consider for this Kris Kringle theme. Looking for “something long and hard” to give as gifts? A simple yet practical option is a mop! Another fun gift idea that anyone would love to receive is the classic back scratcher.

Something you can wear

inspi bucket hat

Photo from Lazada

There are lots of gift options for “something you can wear”, but if you don’t want to be bothered with figuring out the right size, then you can consider getting a stylish bucket hat or a pair of sunglasses for their next trip.

Something soft

fluffy slippers

Photo from Lazada

In the spirit of self-care and relaxation, a great “something soft” gift would be a soft memory foam pillow that would help with a good night’s sleep. You might also consider a pair of soft slippers that will keep the feet warm and toasty, especially during the holiday season.

What’s your Kris Kringle theme this year? Share it with us!

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