10 “Something Funny” Gift Ideas for Your Kris Kringle

It’s that time of the year again: Christmas parties, reunions, and Kris Kringles. Sometimes, the hardest thing about Kris Kringles is choosing the perfect gift that matches the theme.

If this year’s Kris Kringle theme is “something funny”, we’ve got a few recommendations that you can easily order from Shopee:

10. 3D-Printed Shrek Toothpaste Cap

shrek toothpaste cap

Photo from Shopee

These Shrek toothpaste caps started out as a joke, but after going viral, people with 3D printers started selling them and now you can easily get one through Shopee.

If your friends have the same sense of humor, or if you just believe that “Shrek is love, Shrek is life”, then we’re sure that this 3D-printed Shrek toothpaste cap will definitely earn some laughs. Buy this Shrek toothpaste cap here!

9. Sassy Cat Pen Holder

sassy cat

Photo from Shopee

Giving a gift to a certified cat lover? These super cute cat figurines will surely put a smile on their face! Their sassy poses make them extra adorable. They also put the “fun” in “functional” since they can act as earphones or pen holders. Buy these sassy cat figurines here!

8. Dancing Cactus

dancing cactus

Photo from Shopee

This dancing cactus trended in the middle of the year, but it’s never too late to get one for your friends this Christmas! This fun toy dances around (aggressively) while it plays an upbeat (children’s) song.

Many satisfied customers said that it can be a great stress reliever after a long day of working from home. Maybe we’ll get one or two! Buy this dancing cactus here!

7. Banana Squeeze Toy

banana squeeze toy

Photo from Shopee

Think your friend is under a lot of stress? Maybe get them something that will make them laugh and relieve some of that stress. This banana stress toy will do just that!

The toy even has stretchy banana peels that flail around for that extra realistic feel. It’s the perfect gift for someone who’d like to squeeze a banana regularly. Buy this banana squeeze toy here!

6. Fish Slippers

fish slippers

Photo from Shopee

Joining this list of funny and eccentric gift ideas is this pair of fish slippers. If your friends have a great sense of humor, then one look at this footwear will instantly have them LOLing.

Honestly, why settle for normal house slippers when you can have realistic-looking fish to wear on your feet? Buy a pair of fish slippers here!

5. Fried Chicken Hair Clip

friedchicken hairclip

Photo from Shopee

Give this to someone who loves fried chicken or even just someone who has long enough hair to need a clip. These realistic-looking fried chicken hair clips are extra quirky and funny that it’s guaranteed to make everyone do a double-take.

Who wouldn’t want to wear fried chicken in their hair? Buy this fried chicken hair clip here!

4. Frying Pan Phone Case

fryingpan case

Photo from Shopee

This phone case trended on Tiktok over the community quarantines, as well. If your friend wants to grab everybody’s attention anytime they’re on the phone, this frying pan phone case will easily do the trick.

Sure, they may not be able to put their phone in their pocket anymore, but at least it will earn laughs from strangers. Buy this frying pan phone case here!

3. Cockroach Plushie

cockroach plushie

Photo from Shopee

Want to really mess with your friends while getting the last laugh? Get them this huge cockroach plushie. The design is so realistic, we would be surprised if they actually hug this plushie. It’s a great prank gift for anyone because really, who would like to get up close and personal with roaches? Buy this cockroach plushie here!

2. Penis Plushie

dingdong plushie

Photo from Shopee

If you’re going for a naughtier option, check out this penis plushie. It comes in a variety of sizes, so you can choose which one would be perfect to gift your friend. It’s pink, huggable, and fluffy—easily a great gift for anyone! Buy this penis plushie here!

1. Poop-Inspired Tea Strainer

poo tea strainer

Photo from Shopee

This one is “something funny” that’s bordering on “something yucky”. If you’ve picked a friend who loves to drink tea, this tea strainer is the perfect Kris Kringle gift. It comes in two parts, one that looks like a butt, and one that looks like poop. So, yes, it just looks like poo is floating around the cup of tea. Buy this poop-inspired tea strainer here!

What’s your Kris Kringle theme this year? Share it with us!

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