10 Scenes and Things We Love About the 300: Rise of the Empire Movie

When in Manila, we love the 300: Rise of the Empire movie! No, we are not addicted to blood, and gore scenes; we just found beauty in the splashes of red and swings of blades. 

We have listed the 10 Things/Scenes we love about the 300: Rise of the Empire movie. Do we have same things on your list?  Read on:


1.  Off with Your Head!

The movie was easily Eva Green’s show, as the femme (very) fatale Artemisia. Green’s viciously tough Artemesia is an almost superior opponent (politically and physically) to the very male Themistocles. She is a welcome refreshment to the usually testosterone-charged abs-fest we’ve gotten so used to since the first 300 movie.

So Artemisia expertly cutting off a hapless enemy’s head was really no surprise. But watch what she does to it after and see how she stole the show away.

 2.  The Warrior is a Child!

We don’t need google to know Artemesia’s history – thank you to Themistocles‘ research, he took us to Artemesia‘s dark, sad history. But young Artemisia‘s shining moment blinded us with her skills in sword and fighting. We love the training scene with a Persian official. We have suddenly forgotten about Hermione and her wand. How cool is it to be a Persian warrior?


3.  Only the gods can defeat the Greeks…

So Xerxes became a god-king. Just like that. And with the whole Persian empire at your command, indeed, why not?

Finally we get a bit of backstory as to how Xerxes came to adorn himself in such, well, godly fashion. We get to see him transform from a decidedly more attractive man to Persia’s golden boy. And although this leaves most people undecided between god-king and drag-queen, when he rises out of water all glorious and shining, we can’t deny that he does look formidable enough to demand an entire empire’s obedience.




 4. Oh no they didn’t!

What is a man-vs-woman match without a bit of sexual tension right? And if you’re both as attractive as Themistocles and Artemisia, that might just be what you get. So when we witness the naval competition escalate enough to cross the line into antagonistic seduction, were we shocked? No. Secretly excited? Oh yes. But excited is all we ever got, since as with most good and sexy things, a censor cut is usually just around the corner waiting to spoil the fun. Despite this, we still got the point the scene so spiciliy wanted to make: If you can’t beat them, at least try to seduce them.


5.  Because the abs.

You didn’t seriously think we’d leave this one out, did you? We all know this was one of the biggest draws of the first 300 flick. What is a good ol 300 movie without the abs that not only sent half the world doing double time in the gym, but also revealed the almost comforting fact that men, too, are very much susceptible to body image issues?



The Greek legion’s top requirement is no secret. That much is evident when Themistocles recruits his old friend Scyllas’ young son, which makes the message clear: Skinny and young is OK, as long as you’ve got them abs, because this army fancies fighting topless.

And although we get that they’re brave and proud and all that, we still think wars are best won in sensible suits of sturdy armor. But hey no one’s complaining.


6.  Back to where you belong..

We got it, Artemisia can send orders without raising a voice – she’s fierce, and brave like that, and we only need to hear her voice to be nervous. Looks like even the god-king was not spared by her rage. How do we love to see Artemsia scold Xerxes like a baby in a diaper (and gold chains ). The egocentric god-king was put on his place (back to his throne), as Artemisa so declared that she would protect the king. I can almost hear the Spice Girls cheering – Go, Girl Power!




7.  Bromance

Two half-naked men, holding-hands and gazing at each others’ eyes. The dying Scyllas and Themistocles‘ scene is short, sweet and touching. The two need not speak to understand the message – they are speaking a new language – Bromance.


8.  Once upon a time.. There’s a queen.

If there is anything in the movie that sends panic to my brain cells, it is when the greatest storyteller of the movie, Queen Gorgo, with the half-naked Spartan warriors serving like film’s default back draft, appeared on the big screen cutting Themistocles and Artemesia’s fight scene.

The sight of her black curtain-like dress vibrates revenge and conviction. As you sit right there, and listen to the queen, you will ask – did Themistocles lose against Artemisia?

The scene is  just right and perfect where it should be. Sailing in her ship, the queen is (finally) taking a stand while her legion shouts “Ha.. Ooh!”



 9.  (S)He’s Not Just that Into You

So near the end of the film, it left us guessing if Themistocles and Artemesia really did it – until, after their paths crossed again. In the most unromantic setting, where bloods (not roses) are red, and arrows (not kisses) fly – their eyes met once again (was it more than 4 seconds? I didn’t count).


There goes Themistocles riding a horse like a true picture of a knight in shining abs (again, not armor); but instead of rescuing Artemisia – the two engaged in a sword foreplay. As if the negotiation in Artemisia’s ship deck is not yet over, Artemsia knows very well who won in the battle – with a fierce look that may seem as sharp as her blade, she said it. IN. HIS. FACE.

That killed him, and that killed her. It is okay, Eva Green, there are many other men out there willing to go out with you – and they got style (and clothes!).


10. A tidal wave of gore-geous heroes’ blood

The truth is, slaughter never looked this stylish. The subdued colors and video-game visual treatment works just as it should. At no time during all the hack-and-slash did we find it distastefully graphic or too much to behold. The somewhat electronica music was vigorously rousing, pumping you up with the same fervor that stirs the film’s warriors. All in, the entire spectacle is a feast for the senses that practically has you expecting to find a game controller in your grasp by then end of it.

 300: Rise of an Empire


Oh, looks like we have a bonus. We love the scene when the god-king started walking down the battlefield, and stepping on the dead bodies of spartans. The movie frame initially just showed two legs – were those Xerxes’? Or his horse’s?! Tell us what you see!


Pictures from Warner Bros.

10 Things List written by Ruth dela Cruz and Ralph Jacob



Yes, of course, those legs were the horse’s! We thought our brains were shaken after all the bloody scenes we have seen in 3D – or maybe, we just always find something fun even at the most gore-ful film. 


 So, what are your favorite scenes and “seen”s in the 300: Rise of the Empire movie?

Drop a comment below and let’s add more to the list!



300: Rise of the Empire  is open in Philippine cinemas

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