10 Places in Makati Perfect for Your Next Tinder Date

For the millennial generation, everything is almost always more convenient. From shopping to dating, everything is now just a swipe away. Hate it or love it, it’s the reality we live in. Finding love is easier too with dating apps like Tinder and Bumble. Getting closer to “the one” is as simple as a swipe to the right. So, in this day of social media take-over, your next move is just really to find a nice place for your date.

So #WhenInMakati, we’ve listed a few places we’ve crowd-sourced for your convenience that you could consider for your next Tinder date meet-up.

10. Lobo Filipino Tavern

This old house that was transformed into this chic destination in Poblacion that offers contemporary Filipino cuisine alongside local booze. The second floor veranda is an open-air dining area and has a pretty romantic feel to it.


Photo from: Lobo Filipino Tavern

9. Wild Poppy

Impress a girl at this feel-good bar with its outdoorsy and garden-type vibe. On the second floor, its interiors feel roomier despite its limited space, especially with its bright and cheery vibe. Also, the flowers on every corner add to the positivity.


8. Z Hostel

Meet up at Z’s rooftop bar for a sweeping view of the metro. Have quick dinner and drinks by the sunset and wait for the sundown DJs to come out and play, if you don’t want your date to end too soon, that is.

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7. A ‘Toda Madre

This tequila bar serves up mean Mexican food. Make your date fun with authentic tequila from Mexico that won’t leave you with a regretful hangover in the morning. Also a few shots of tequila could be the ice breaker you need for a date.


6. Tambai or El Chupacabra

For those weary of meet-ups, crowded places always offer safer alternatives than secret bars. Take comfort in cold cheap beer, affordable food, and the high chance of seeing a friend to bail you out just in case things go sour.


Photo from:Tambai

5. The Belle & Dragon

Meet your date some place fancy like Belle & Dragon and show off your refined side. Order a draft beer by the bar then move on to dinner. If things go really well, cap off the night with some whiskey at the secretive Mandalay Bar at the back.


4. Ludo

If you’re tired of the usual dinner and drinks, Ludo offers a great alternative for the “getting to know you” phase. Share bits of information while indulging in their extensive board game selection.


3. ABV

This secret bar can get quite intimate when it isn’t full, so it makes the perfect date place away from prying eyes. If ABV’s food menu is too steep, offer to have some hotdogs at Lazy Bastard then move on to cocktails inside those secret doors.


2. Filling Station

Although situated in the seedier side of Burgos, this American-style diner will transport you back to the 50’s with their collection of antiques. Their servings are large so if you’re into sharing food, this is the place for you.


Photo from: Filling Station

1. The Girl + The Bull

This Southern favorite moved all the way to Legaspi village and it’s a beautiful place to go to if you need to sway anyone your way. The artsy interiors and the inventive menu make great conversation starters.


Photo from: The Girl + The Bull

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Where do you go on Tinder meet-ups?