10 Photos That Prove Nokia Has the Best Phone Designs

10 Photos That Prove Nokia Has the Best Phone Designs


Before the war of iPhones and Android phones, before the arrival of smartphones, wi-fi and Facebook, there was Nokia. Yes, Nokia is still here, but they’re not as culturally significant as they were back then, when owning a 5110 while everyone else had 3310s was considered baduy. In the 90’s and mid-aughties, Nokia ruled mobile communication, and we all felt cool for having MMS and WAP capabilities.

It’s funny when you think that we now live in an age where individuality is embraced, even celebrated, and yet we all have phones that look the same. Throw all your iPhones in a pile and try to look for yours. Back then, we could personalize our cellphones with casings, different colored backlights, and acetate that showed our favorite cartoons. But even if we keep the phone’s original design, Nokia’s phones were so crazy and ahead of its time that we can still spot our phone a mile away.

To prove the brand’s creativity (and for a bit of nostalgia), below are 10 pictures that prove that Nokia has the best phone designs. Screw your iPhones and Samsung Galaxies.


10 10 Photos That Prove Nokia Has the Phone Designs (3200)

10. Nokia 3200

Let’s start with the basic. The Nokia 3200, released in 2003, celebrated individuality and personal style. The phone is originally transparent, and you can print out your own faceplate designs to make the phone “really you.” You even forgave the unusual keypads, which featured two numbers (and six to seven letters) per key, making text messaging really difficult. But who cared, as long as you could print your Bugs Bunny faceplate.


9 10 Photos That Prove Nokia Has the Phone Designs (8800 sirocco)

9. Nokia 8800 Sirocco

The Nokia 8800 Sirocco is an updated version of the Nokia 8800. This model, which came out in 2006, features a futuristic and sleek design. Its selling point is the stainless steel housing, the slide mechanism that used ball bearings crafted by the makers of bearings used in high-performance cars, and the ringtones developed by Brian Eno, who created the Windows 95 startup music. Nokia released a 24kt gold-plated version that sold for $204 or roughly P8,800, making it the most expensive phone in Nokia’s collection.


8 10 Photos That Prove Nokia Has the Phone Designs (7110)

8. Nokia 7110

For some reason, Nokia thought it would be cool to add a roller-button in 1999. It was fun to use… at first. The phone was later dubbed as the Swordfish Phone because it was the phone John Travolta used in his movie Swordfish. It was one of the first phones to feature WAP (mobile data for you kids out there), but we can only imagine what social media would look like in black and white. 


7 10 Photos That Prove Nokia Has the Phone Designs (5510)

 7. Nokia 5510

We guess it looks tame in today’s standards, but imagine how people reacted when this came out in 2001. Everyone went crazy for its 64MB memory, which was developed to store audio files.This was later enhanced to the N-Gage model, which looked like a video game controller and featured video games.


6 10 Photos That Prove Nokia Has the Phone Designs (n93i)

6. Nokia N93i

This was probably Nokia’s response to the rise of home videos when this phone came out in 2007. Not only is the N93i a flip-phone, it was also a contortionist that can swivel every way you want it. It looks like a video recorder, and Nokia probably discontinued it the day the homemade video trend died.


5 10 Photos That Prove Nokia Has the Phone Designs (7600)

 5. Nokia 7600

We’re not sure what the point of this phone is. It’s small so you can fit it anywhere? Nokia should bring this back from 2003, considering anything short, slim, and small are trendy. No need to worry about your phone bending!


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