10 Must-Watch Series When You’re Tired of Romance

Words by Gemma Casimsiman

As a person who grew up watching clichés, you’d think I’d be obsessed with them by now. But, on the contrary, too much of it had me avoiding movies or books that had anything to do with them. I grew tired of girls being the damsels in distress, and the same romantic patterns somehow always in the plot.

So if you’re like me and you’re tired of the same old romance storylines on TV, here are 10 must-watch series I promise won’t make you want to roll your eyes!

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If you love a good mystery, Conspiracies deals with a lot of them. From Hitler’s death to assassination of presidents, it will surely open your eyes to what lies behind it all. There’s a huge community of Conspiracy shows, but this one clears up what textbooks don’t teach us.

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9. The Ranch

After a pathetic attempt at gaining a football career, Colt Bennett returns home to join the family business at their family ranch. It’s a mix of comedy and family reunions set in Norwood, Colorado. A bonus is we get to see actors Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson in an epic reunion from That 70’s Show.

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8. Jesus Code

Whether you’re religious or not, Jesus Code is a great documentary-show to feed your curiosity. It’s not the type of Catholic genre to force you to believe but one to adventure with to find out more of who Jesus Christ really is. The show focuses on whether the physical belongings Jesus left behind are actual proofs of his existence in this world back in his day.

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7. Elementary

It’s a modern take on Sherlock Holmes but located in the Big Apple aka New York City. Like Watson and Sherlock, Elementary follows a pair solving cases together in NY. Their platonic chemistry brings out a wit and sarcasm that gives the show a comedic feel.

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6. Erased

Before you get confused, yes, this is a live-action Japanese show. It’s about Satoru Fujinuma, an aspiring manga artist who has the ability to go back in time and stop terrible things from happening. After a loved one dies, he’s taken back further in time to prevent more than one tragedy from happening.

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5. Sherlock

From books to TV screen, Sherlock comes to life together with Dr. John Watson. Played by Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, Sherlock and Watson deal with all sorts of cases all the while having to compete with Sherlock’s nemesis, Moriarty.

rsz sherlock

4. Supernatural

Already in the name, two brothers continue on the family business by hunting Supernatural beings. Sam and Dean Winchester are one heck of a pair, dealing with all sorts of creatures like Bloody Mary, Angels, and even Lucifer himself.

rsz supernatural

3. Suits

This series perfectly sums up what goes on behind corporate law. Mike Ross accidentally stumbles into a job interview as an associate, where he gets hired by Harvey Specter. The secret is, Mike is a law school dropout, and doesn’t actually have a license to practice. How do you think this adventure pans out?

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2. American Horror Story

If you like the paranormal, this is the series for you. Each season has its own theme from witches of New Orleans to tackling a historical disappearance. As its 8th season draws near, it’s the perfect time to binge-watch all their episodes.

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1. Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a series focusing on different aspects of society and how technology can backfire in our faces. Each episode contains a different plot and its own mind-blowing twist. By the end of it, you’ll need to sit down and let it all sink in.

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Which of these shows have you seen? Which are your favorites? And have anything to add to this list? Let us know in the comments!