10 “Loki” Merch to Get You Through All Time. Always.

Now that the first season of Marvel’s Loki has ended, we’re left with a long wait to see what happens next in season 2. If you’ve seen the show which was released on Disney+, then you know that it ends on quite the cliffhanger. That just makes the wait a lot more agonizing.

While we’re all waiting, it might be a great time to start hoarding some Loki merchandise. The great news is that you can get all of these from Shopee!

10. “Variant” Shirt

variantshirt 1

Photo from Shopee

Feeling like a time criminal? Get yourself this “Variant” shirt and get ready to face the judge!

This shirt also comes in white and black.

Buy this “Variant” shirt here!

9. TVA Mug

tva mug

Photo from Shopee

This TVA mug is perfect for remote workers who want to add excitement to their workdays. With a TVA mug like this, you’ll feel like you’re one of the agents chasing down variants who ruin the timeline.

Buy this TVA mug here!

8. Miss Minutes shirt


Photo from Shopee

Huge fan of Miss Minutes (even though she’s super sketchy)? Get this Miss Minutes shirt! It comes complete with the TVA’s motto on the back: “For all time. Always.”

Buy this Miss Minutes shirt here!

7. Loki Ring Set

loki rings

Photo from Shopee

Want something sparkly? You’re going to love this ring set featuring Loki’s horns. It’s a set of 3 rings with a sparkling green gem—absolutely beautiful!

Buy this Loki ring set here!

6. Loki Necklace

loki necklace

Photo from Shopee

If you want to add more Loki-inspired accessories to your collection, these necklaces are definitely must-haves. You can choose between two designs: Loki’s iconic horn headdress or the series’ title art—or you can just get both.

Buy these Loki necklaces here!

5. Loki Funko Keychain

loki keychain

Photo from Shopee

Want to have the god of mischief with you at all times? You should get this adorable Funko keychain featuring Loki himself!

Buy this Loki Funko keychain here!

4. “Loki for President” Pins

presloki pins

Photo from Shopee

Can’t get enough of President Loki’s cameo? Get these “Loki for President” pins to show everyone where your loyalty truly lies.

Buy these “Loki for President” pins here!

3. Sylvie Art Print

sylvie art

Photo from Shopee

A huge fan of Lady Loki aka Sylvie? This fan-made Sylvie art print is definitely a must-have! It will look awesome on your workstation for sure.

Buy this Sylvie Art Print here!

2. Loki Hoodie

loki hoodie

Photo from Shopee

This one’s perfect for rainy days. Keep warm and cozy with these cool Loki hoodies. You can choose designs between Loki’s iconic Asgardian outfit, Loki’s suit on Earth, or his TVA uniform.

Buy this Loki hoodie here!

1. Loki Plush Doll

loki plush

Photo from Shopee

If you need something to hold on to while you rewatch the whole season again, you definitely need this adorable Loki plush doll. You’ll have something to have while you sleep, too!

Buy this adorable Loki plush doll here!

This is your sign to add all of this “Loki” merchandise to your cart and enjoy them while we all wait for season 2!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a small commission for purchases made through these links. The actual color, appearance, size, and shape of the item might be slightly different from the ones showed in the pictures.

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