10 Job Hunting Tips for Fresh Grads to Attract Employers and Find their Dream Jobs in Manila

Do you have all of the requirements for that dream job but still fail to secure it every single time?  What might you be doing wrong? While there are a million and one job hunting tips online, most of them revolve around the same old basics that have become irrelevant and lackluster.

Take a look at these inspiring tips that match the current dynamics in today’s job market.

#10 Give yourself an edge over your fellow job seekers

Landing the perfect job today is a delicate game of numbers. Recruiters receive hundreds, sometimes thousands of applications for a single job opening. You have to find a way to set yourself apart from the rest and gain a competitive advantage over fellow applicants. What is it about you that will get you noticed and picked out from this crowd?

A competitive field of play needs sophisticated strategies and you must go beyond the obvious. Do not stop at sending a resume and cover letter and hoping for feedback. Find a way to endear yourself to the people that matter at the company of interest. Talk to the hiring managers, find out what problems the company has and prove that you can solve these problems. This is highly likely to get you a recommendation and up your chances of securing the coveted spot.

#9 Tailor your application to make yourself a perfect fit

A common mistake job seekers make is preparing a single general job application letter and resume and then using these for every opening they chance upon. Recruiters will always notice these blanket applications and most often they will ignore them.

Whenever you come across a job ad you need to study the job description and requirements thoroughly. You would then need to hone your application to the particular job, amending both your resume and cover letter to suit the job in question perfectly. You could do this by mirroring the words in the job description and also showcasing your particular strengths that make you an ideal fit for the opening.


#8 Polish up your social media accounts

A very high percentage of potential employers will take a peek into your social media accounts before deciding whether or not you are a good fit for their company. This could work either way, making or breaking your chances at securing your dream job.

Your profiles need to strike a balance, not being too clean as to lack character but also not advertising every aspect of your private life.Integrate your personality into your social media accounts but erase everything else that goes to show that you live by the Carpe Diem or YOLO mantra, all profanity and discriminatory remarks.

#7 Be proactive in your job search

The job search process might leave you feeling helpless because most job hunting tips do not tell you what to do after getting everything in your application right and hitting the “Submit” button. You need to remain motivated as you wait for a response and waiting with bated breath does not help. Not at all!

Follow up after making applications to find out what is going on at your dream company. It might be that your application did not succeed and here you are worrying over nothing and wasting precious time. It could also be that the hiring manager keeps forgetting to make that call. Use a polite email to connect with the right person and this will speak volumes about your persistence and determination. Be careful not to become a nuisance though.

#6 Request for feedback after getting rejected

You might be sending out numerous applications, at times even getting shortlisted for an interview but that dream job still remains elusive. What this does is that it damages your ego and kills your resolve to keep on trying. But you could turn it into an opportunity by requesting for feedback from the recruiters who rejected you.

This will help you gain insight on what to do or not to do on subsequent applications and interviews in order to increase your chances at getting a job. It might bring to light weaknesses you never thought you had and even create a positive impression of you as a person who accepts and learns from constructive criticism. It just might be what you need to turn that “No” into a “Yes.”

#5 Avoid getting burned out

When you repeatedly send out applications or make cold calls on your dream companies and receive no positive feedback then you might start getting anxious or even frustrated. This greatly affects your personality and outlook and further impedes your progress towards securing that opportunity.

One of the ways to ensure that this does not happen is to vary your job search methods and adapt to current trends. In the digital era, one of the easiest surefire ways to find jobs in Manila is by using online job search resources.

#4 Respect other people’s time

Contrary to what you might have read, showing up on time to an interview is actually too late. Showing up too early could also be detrimental to securing the job as it makes you seem desperate. You need to strike a balance and 10 to 15 minutes before a scheduled appointment is considered the ideal time to show up.

It gives you time to settle down and calm your nerves getting you in the right frame of mind to ace that interview. It also gets you a chance to use the restroom and generally get acclimatized to the environment.

#3 Research and prepare accordingly

You need to know as much as you can about the potential employer’s company. Check into their history and learn about their goals for the future. This way, you will not only be perfectly positioned to answer any question thrown at you, you will also get an opportunity to explain how you can help them achieve these objectives. Find out about the company’s culture and dress up appropriately to blend in.

If at all you have a clue as to who will conduct the interview, check online to find out if there is any useful information on them. Get a feel about their personality as well as anything you might have in common with them that will help you to connect at a deeper level and make the best possible impression.

#2 Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine

The one thing most job hunting tips won’t tell you is that your personality is one of the strongest determinants of whether or not you get that job. What you are told is to project a professional disposition in order to make the best impression. Even though this is important, showcasing your individuality is more effective in helping you stand out.

At the interview, do not bore the potential recruiter simply talking about your professional achievements. Elaborate on your interests outside of the workspace, give real-life examples of how you have handled various challenges in life, make yourself likeable and above all, find some common ground to connect with the interviewer on a personal level.

#1 Sign up to the newest job site in the Philippines that uses an app like TINDER to match employers to job applicants

JobPyramid.com is the newest job site in the Philippines that offers the first-of-a-kind app that works like Tinder to match employers and potential employees with ease. Using this innovative app, employers are able to see the details of all successful applicants who meet the criteria for their job description and swipe right for them to initiate contact. Before swiping, they’ll know the candidates’ basic information like name, age, university attended, course, preferred job location, expected salary and self-description. Communication between the two parties will also be much easier thanks to the web-based messaging system.

By creating an account at JobPyramid.com, you will be able to simplify your job search because it will be possible for you to attract potential employers and have them invite you for interviews even without having to apply for jobs. All you need to do is create a great profile, upload your resume and JobPyramid do the rest. You will also be informed when there are job openings for which you qualify and receive regular updates on the job applications you have made.

After creating an account, you can also like JobPyramid’s FB page (https://www.facebook.com/jobpyramid/)  for you to be always updated about the latest job vacancies. To know more about Job Pyramid, you should watch this video.

If you take care to follow all of the above tips and sign up to JobPyramid.com, you can be sure to find a job much sooner than you may have anticipated and achieve the highly elusive career dream in your company of choice.


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