10 Hilarious Places To Stash Your Money Aside From Banks

With what’s happening with our banks lately – glitches and compromised ATMs – perhaps, that’s our grandmother’s wee right in keeping the money the old fashioned way.

small space condo

And by “old-fashioned way,” I mean, putting your money in the weirdest yet safest place to keep it. Some may seem odd or bizarre, but as long as our money is safe heck! Why not try ’em.

keeping the money

So, listed below are some of the common and odd places to keep your moolah.

10. Shoe Box

They say this practice was started by the Chinese businessmen who did not trust banks to keep their money safe. But, isn’t half of the local banks owned by Chinese businessmen?


Stash your cash in the box and keep it under the bed or in the closet. Just double check the box first before throwing it in the bin.

9. Inside the Bra

I’m not gonna be ashamed but I’ve done this back in the days! My mom and grandma would tell us to put our tuition fee inside our bra!

keeping money

This is probably the safest place to keep your money. It is also the closest to the heart.

8. Socks

Whoever thought of this was a genius. Especially if you keep money inside used, smelly and stinky socks.

hide stash

No one will dare to get your money, maybe even you! Socks keep them safe and will allow you to “force save.”

7. Cookie Jar


Save money in a jar and you will go far. Usually, they call this “vacation funds”, place money inside a jar and keep the jar in the kitchen closet. Rule 1: Do not use the money in the jar. Rule 2: In case of emergency,  break the jar.

6. Toilet bowl tank


You’ve probably seen this on movies and this is actually helpful. Just put the money in a zip lock bag and hide inside the tank of the toilet bowl. Check it every now and then to ensure the money is still there and not wet!

5. Attic or empty room

This is one of the best hiding places in my book. No one wants to go up the attic, most houses just have a small attic and you can barely crawl inside.

Source: Time.com

Source: Time.com

Place the money in a box (remember the old shoe box) or in a bag and climb up the attic and keep it there. Guaranteed safe, the spiders and cockroaches not to mention mice will keep watch over it. The creepiness of a dark attic is also added security. Just make sure the box or bag doesn’t have food or your money is dessert.

4. Vent/Aircon vent

money inside the vent

Not all houses have vents but most have air conditioners. This is another place to keep money. Select a vent, place the money is a zip lock bag and put the bag inside the vent. Make sure the zip lock bag is locked tight or your visitors might think you are giving away money when air comes out the vent.

3. Under the Bed

money under the bed

Although this is a staple practice, I still consider this one of the safest places to keep your money. Put the money inside a ziplock and tuck it in between your mattress. Just don’t forget about it, though.

2. Belt

This practice has been passed down to generations and this won’t ever get old. I used to put money in my belt before. Sadly, I keep forgetting I did, so I also lost a lot of money. HAHA.

hiding money belt

Photo credit: Wonderlist.com

1. Ceiling or Walls

places to hide money

Cut a small portion of your wall or ceiling to safekeep your money. You may put it inside a box first or a ziplock before leaving it on the wall. Obviously, you need to put a marker or a bit of a design for diversion, Perhaps, you can put a clock or a mirror.

Keeping your money or savings in the bank is safe and relatively better. Not only does it gain interest, it also gives more opportunities to make money. Bank with someone accommodating and will secure your savings. I bank with Security Bank and Chinabank, and so far, no problems encountered.

However, if you can’t keep up with the risks and stress, save your money at home. Just be diligent. Not just because your money is within reach, you have money to burn.

money place

These are just 10 of the many ways to keep your money safe. How about you, do you keep your money in these places too? Share your ways and I’ll update the list! 


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