10 Gorgeous Rings Under 300 Pesos You Should Get for Yourself

It’s not such a bad idea to treat yourself once in a while, especially when things are just so tough in the world. If you want to get yourself a gorgeous piece of jewelry as a treat, these rings from Lazada won’t cost you an arm and a leg!

You can get these sparkling rings for less than 500 pesos, but the quality and design are extra elegant and luxurious that you’d think it’s much more expensive than it really is.

Here are some of our favorite designs:

ring 1

Photo from Lazada

10. This sparkling ring is designed like an expensive engagement ring. It features a huge sparkly crystal in the middle, with two smaller stones on each side. If you love wearing massive sparkling rocks on your finger, this is a great option.

Buy this dupe “engagement” ring here!

wedding ring type

Photo from Lazada

9. If you want something that’s embedded with as many sparkling gems as possible, this sparkling wedding-ring-look-alike is for you. It’s simply designed as a straightforward band, but with its sides covered with huge sparkling crystals. It’s like an expensive wedding ring without the massive price tag.

Buy this gem-embedded “wedding” ring here!


Photo from Lazada

8. This dragon wing-inspired ring is such a beautiful piece for anyone who loves fantasy worlds. The sleek black color paired with the edgy design will definitely make you feel like the Queen of Dragons.

Buy this dragon ring here!

blue ring

Photo from Lazada

7. Love blue-colored jewelry? This elegant blue-stoned ring should definitely be in your jewelry collection. The huge gem comes in a light lake blue shade and a deep blue shade, too. Many reviewers rave about how simple yet elegant this ring is, especially with the gorgeous color of the stone.

Buy this blue stone ring here!

4 piece rings

Photo from Lazada

6. If you love chunky, boho-style rings, you’ll love this 4-piece ring set. The set includes a marble-inspired ring, a floral ring, a chain-inspired ring, and a thick metal ring. We love the edgy vibe of this ring set.

Buy this 4-piece ring set here!

wrap around ring

Photo from Lazada

5. Love dramatic and extravagant jewelry? This unique ring set wraps around your whole index finger and even extends to your thumb. The sparkling gems definitely add to the overall magical vibe of this wrap-around ring. It doesn’t get more extravagant than this!

Buy this wrap-around ring set here!

purple ring

Photo from Lazada

4. This purple-stoned ring looks like you’ve got a tiny purple moon on your finger thanks to its beautiful design. The gem in the middle features a beautiful deep purple color that’s instantly attention-grabbing. The wave-inspired design around the gem makes it look extra ethereal, too.

Buy this purple-stoned ring here!

vintage ring

Photo from Lazada

3. If you’re into vintage jewelry, this red vintage ring is a great option! It features a massive blood-red gem set in the middle of a vintage-style band. The vampire vibe is super strong in this ring.

Buy this red vintage ring here!

simple gold

Photo from Lazada

2. This simple golden band is a great choice for anyone who wants something dainty and elegant. This particular ring features intricate details with tiny gems that sparkle. This golden ring is a perfect combination of simplicity and elegance.

Buy this golden ring here!

heart ring 1

Photo from Lazada

1. You’ll instantly feel like a princess with this golden heart ring. The heart-shaped blue gem in the middle is definitely a scene-stealer, but the tiny gems beautifully arranged around it add to the overall elegance of this ring. We’re instantly in love with the gorgeous design of this ring!

Buy this golden heart ring here!

Go ahead and treat yourself to a beautiful piece of jewelry that won’t even burn a hole in your wallet! With the exquisite designs of these rings, no one would even know the difference.

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