10 Gift Ideas For The Dad Who Loves The Outdoors

While there are a lot of generic gift options available for upcoming Father’s Day, it always adds extra sweetness when you get him something that’s related to his hobbies and interests. If your Dad is an adventurous person who loves exploring the outdoors, there are a ton of gift options that you can easily buy from Shopee.

Here are 10 cool and useful gift ideas for the outdoorsy Dads:

10. Comfortable Hiking Bag

hiking bag

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This comfortable hiking bag is a must-have for the Dads who love scheduling hikes every now and then. This 20-liter rucksack was designed by a team of hikers “for use during your occasional walks in lowlands, forests, and coast in dry weather.”

It’s lightweight and comfortable, making it a great bag whether for actual hiking or just for long walks around the city. It also has loads of pockets and compartments for all of those outdoor essentials. Buy this comfortable hiking backpack here!

9. Heavy-Duty Umbrella

umbrella urban traveller

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Whether it’s for shielding himself from the heat of the sun or he’s walking in the rain, your Dad should always have this heavy-duty compact umbrella on his person. This compact umbrella brand is made by a German brand. It’s designed with high-grade aluminum, just one grade below aircraft grade, and the structural integrity will withstand high winds. It also features a unique fabric that effectively repels water and dries almost instantly. No more soggy umbrellas in the corner! Buy this heavy-duty umbrella here!

8. Multi-Tool

multi tool urban traveller

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This compact and pocket-friendly multi-tool will ensure that your Dad is ready for just about anything when he’s outdoors. This cool gadget is 7 different tools in one! It’s sturdy and lightweight, at the same time, handy and super compact. Some of the tools included are multiple types of screwdrivers, a wrench, a bottle opener, and a wire cutter.

This multi-tool is just as slim as a credit card and can easily fit in the pockets or a wallet. Buy this multi-tool here!

7. Aqua Shoes

aquashoes decathlon

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If your Dad loves exploring from the grounds to the waters, he’ll definitely appreciate this pair of sturdy aqua shoes. These aqua shoes are comfortable and easily adjustable to fit snugly on the feet. They are also designed to prevent slipping when they’re used underwater. Of course, these aqua shoes aren’t just for diving trips or beach trips. It’s also great for hiking to waterfalls or rivers! Buy these aqua shoes here!

6. Folding Bike

foldable bike

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In case your Dad hadn’t already succumbed to the biking trend of the past years, this Father’s Day might be a great opportunity to give him his very own folding mountain bike. With the soaring gas prices nowadays, it definitely wouldn’t hurt to have this folding bike as an alternative mode of transportation. Plus, it would be great for your Dad’s health, too! Buy this foldable mountain bike here!

5. Sunglasses

sunglasses shigetsu

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Anyone who loves being in the outdoors should have a great pair of sunglasses. Get your Dad this pair of fashionable sunglasses so that he can comfortably enjoy being outside under the sun anytime. This particular pair of sunglasses also features UV400 Protection for that extra defense against the sun’s harmful UV rays. These come with a designer leather case and a microfiber lens cleaner. Buy these stylish sunglasses here!

4. Collapsible Water Bottle

foldable bottle

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Hydrating while being outdoors is such a crucial thing to remember, so help your Dad stay hydrated with this collapsible water bottle. This water bottle is a great option especially if your Dad doesn’t like carrying around bulky bottles that weigh a whole lot more compared to this silicone bottle. It can easily be rolled up and can be tucked into the pocket, but it also has a capacity of 600 mL. Now, your Dad can have a water container with him at all times without having to sacrifice storage space. Buy this collapsible water bottle here! 

3. Tent

camping tent

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Is your Dad always talking about wanting to go camping? Has he always been a huge fan of enjoying the quietness of nature? He definitely deserves to have this massive easy-open camping tent. It can fit 4-6 people, so whether he wants to bring the whole family or not, he’ll have more than enough space in this tent. Buy this camping tent here!

2. Portable Coffee Maker

portable coffee machine

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Just because he loves being in the outdoors doesn’t mean that your Dad should sacrifice freshly-brewed coffee at an arm’s reach. This portable coffee maker will give him his daily dose of caffeine wherever he may be. It fits perfectly in the car and works so easily even without a kitchen in sight. It’s compatible with both coffee grounds and espresso pods. Buy this portable coffee maker here!

1. Bluetooth Earbuds

belkin earbuds

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In case your Dad wants to enjoy his favorite music or his latest audiobook while he’s in the outdoors, he’ll need this pair of high-quality Bluetooth earbuds. It features a great battery life that can last for up to 31 hours and water-resistance features that help keep these earbuds working rain or shine. Buy these Bluetooth earbuds here!

What are you planning to get for your Dad this Father’s Day? Share it with us!

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